Sunday, November 23, 2008

Boots | The Fashion Dungjen

I will readily admit I seriously slacked off this weekend. And not just in blogging either. Oh no. I didn't do much of anything the last few days and it was awesome.

I've been thinking a lot about the boots my parents have promised to buy for me and what I want. Every pair I have is either in the process of falling apart or I've already had to bid farewell to. (In one case, both have happened. My parents noticed my brown boots ripping when they came to drop the rest of my stuff at school. As a result, Dad threw them in the trash on his way out. On my way in, I rescued them. I'm not ready to say goodbye.)

They haven't given me a price limit ... yet, though my instinct tells me I'll have to be way more sensible than I want to. But this whole buying only one pair of shoes thing is ridiculously hard.

What color? What style? Do I want any hardware? What material? Will these keep my feet warm?

Until I get my price limit, the only stipulation is that I'm not allowed to pick a pair with a heel; they're supposed to be winter boots. Since I don't play in the snow, they'll be less like the multi-colored monstrosity at the right and probably a little more classic and fashion-forward.

Suggestions, anyone?


Rachel said...

where can i find those boots? they are just what i have been looking for this season.

donotdrinkme said...

They would look great on you, friend. ;)