Friday, September 11, 2009

R.I.P. | The Fashion Dungjen

While I was in Portland, my parents took the liberty to go through all of my clothes and shoes and throw away things they didn't see fit.

They threw away my favorite boots and I can't find my green sweatshirt with polar bears on it. Mom insisted she had no ideas what happened to the boots, but I knew she was full of bologna. Finally, she fessed up. Still no word on my sweatshirt.

R.I.P. You are missed.

MIA. Sigh.

Monday, September 7, 2009

There's no place like ... home? (And scarves) | The Fashion Dungjen

That's actually not true. In fact, I'm not really sure what you can call home when you don't really live anywhere. You see, I lived in Wadsworth, Ohio (Northeast Ohio), for 18 years (one month and eight days), my parents' house is in Springboro, Ohio (Southwest), and I go to school in Cincinnati, come next Tuesday, I'll be in my fourth location. So, what's home? I certainly don't know, but, for now, I'll consider these photos of my time in Akron last week pictures of home.

Gina and I went on several photo adventures when I was home. The first batch are from a big ol' park in Medina, Ohio, although I forget what it's called. I'll hope Gina sees this and fills in the blank. We traipsed and, when Gina lost her green phone in meadow, I used my regrettably fantastic vision to find it. (I want glasses so badly.)

My favorite vest. It's suede. I bought if for $1 when I visited my parents in Springboro for the first time after they moved. It needs to be dry cleaned.

My favorite scarf. Thrifted in Dayton, Ohio. I hate that 'thrifted' always shows up as a misspelled word.

Loved Gina's earrings.
I also love her ring which looks a lot like a Pringle. On the grass/thing is an egg sac. Gina tried to break it open but it didn't work. Good thing. I think it was spiders.

Again, Gina has some wonderful earrings. And I love the blue of the scarf. So good. This photo, and the photo below, are from our adventure to Clay Mountain in Medina. I don't actually think there was a mountain, but we had to walk down railroad tracks and through the woods to find a river valley. It became dark about 5 minutes after we started which made the entire adventure really interesting.

Oma gave me this black floral scarf; her sister, Monika, gave it to her when she last visited Germany. Visiting Oma definitely has many perks. Regifting scarves is one of them.