Saturday, July 11, 2009

80s hair | The Fashion Dungjen

So today (Saturday) is Molly's birthday. She's finally the big 2-1 and, to celebrate, the interns, my roommates and a few others got together for an '80s themed birthday bash. Since my clothing pool is pretty limited by what I could get on the plane and I wasn't planning for any '80s outings while packing, I had to deal with what little I had.

Instead of really dressing the part (minus the neon, obnoxiously yellow tank) I had some super, really fake and unnatural-looking lipstick, jewelry and big, big hair.

Really, my hair was BIG.

This picture doesn't do the hugeness any justice.

Peculiar Portland fashion | The Fashion Dungjen

My family is in this week visiting from Ohio. My aunt and uncle came in Friday afternoon so I've been spending some good old quality time with them. Today my aunt called, said, "We bought you a donut and we're coming to pick you up." Score. We first went to Saturday Market. Then the Mississippi Street Fair, Hood River and Mosier for some cherry picking.

The Mississippi Street Fair was definitely better than I had anticipated. There were a few questionable fashion statements I'd like to share...

Drop-crotch pants are never a good idea and they're even less of a good idea when they're a onesie.
I think this woman is supposed to be a mermaid. I'm not quite sure though. Maybe she's on her way to prom...?

He wins best dressed.

Friday, July 3, 2009

Peculiar Portland fashion | The Fashion Dungjen

One thing I've noticed about Portlanders is their unique sense of style. It's definitely not really what I anticipated. With my limited West Coast experience, I guess I was thinking it would something more in line with San Francisco. There are similarities, for sure. The general stereotypes that every city has are here, but I feel like most of the fashion statements I see are kind of questionable.

A lot of it, too, is completely based on functionality. That's one of the things I noticed right away. A lot of people here ride bikes everywhere or spend a lot of time walking wherever they need to go which doesn't always lend itself to the most fashionable attire. But, in circumstances like that, it makes sense to be more practical. (Who wants to wear pumps if you have to walk from SW Broadway and 6th to 2nd and Burnside? Not me.

Anyway, on my way to Chase bank today to exchange my big bills ($5 and $10) for singles (for the bus), I found myself walking behind a girl pulling a suitcase. Now, this is definitely one of those cases where you could make the lame joke "What's red, white and black all over?" and she would totally qualify as an answer.

Behold, my friends:

OK, so I guess she's not wearing any white. I wrote that before I posted the picture. BUT STILL, you get the point: red T-shirt, red and black plaid very mini skirt, red tights with destroyed black fishnets over top and big, clunky, heavy black shoes. Really not favorable.

AND THEN, yesterday, oh my gosh, I saw this girl in a tutu leaping, jumping, spinning, twirling, whatevering down the street.

I actually think she may be a legitimate ballerina and was promoting an upcoming show, but, based on some of the other things I've seen in Portland, I've come to realize anything is possible, AND, the stranger it is, the more likely it is to actually be happening.