Friday, January 30, 2009

Procrastination is key | The Fashion Dungjen

It's 4:15 a.m.

Instead of reading, researching and writing my paper that is due on Monday I have been chatting with Emily all evening/night/morning (whichever you choose to call it) and sending links to different items on Etsy that we're dying to own. She sent me a link to a fabulous bag which compelled me to look at the rest of the items in the store. Upon doing so I found this:

Clearly, I am talking about the bag - although I'm sure the model is just as fabulous. I want this. I need this. I must have it. It's so big. So spectacular. I could fit three children in this bag. (Not that I would necessarily put children in a bag...)

As much as I want/need/must have this bag, I can't afford its $93 price tag. Although I received my commission check from Christmas just this morning, I have bills to pay. Sigh.

So, who wants to buy it for me? Yeah? Any takers? You know, I didn't think so, but, I mean, it was worth a shot, right?

But seriously. If you wanted to buy this bag for me, I would let you. I'm not too proud to accept gifts. Maybe if you message the seller and tell her how you're buying her fabulous bag for a fabulous friend she'll cut you some slack.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Would Anna Leave Vogue? | The Fashion Dungjen

"Of course, the press loves to eat its own. But the rumor has been given credence by Vogue'sMedia Industry Newsletter. Wintour's detractors have always conceded that she has a firm grasp of the advertising end of the pole — if this is slipping, they ask, could she be in the endgame? Recent issues, which are skinnier than a Slavic model. The January issue has 44% fewer ad pages than the same month last year, according to Media Industry Newsletter."

Would Anna really leave Vogue? She's been getting a lot of attention lately, especially with The September Issue premiering at Sundance and I feel like she's been putting herself in the public eye more than usual. Maybe she is finally realizing how much she loves to have her photo taken. Thoughts?

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Jill Biden | The Fashion Dungjen

Jamie (P.S. Check out her blog. It's really interesting.), a copy editor at The News Record, pointed out to me that nobody was making any real fuss about Jill Biden's gown from the inaugural ball. Maybe I missed something, but she's right; I haven't seen much mention of her gown. And, I will say, I do like it better than Michelle's Jason Wu dress.

Jill chose a red (my favorite color to wear) floor-length gown by Lebanese designer Reem Acra. The dress is absolutely gorgeous and it looks gorgeous on Jill.

What does everyone else think?

Scorecard | The Fashion Dungjen

It's nice outside, about 42 degrees, and I guess I'm not the only one who is now in the mood for Spring.

The New York Times has taken fashion critiques from Women's Wear Daily, The International Hearald Tribune, and the NYT to compile a score card of women's spring 2009 fashion from more than 200 designers.

What a great idea, seriously. I hope someone at the Times got a nice big pat on the back for that one. Or maybe a new outfit. Whatever their compensation, after compiling all of that information and pouring over thousands of runway photos, I would have a hard time deciding what to buy first!

Here's a little taste:

Boy by Band of Outsiders | designer: Scott Sternberg | slide show
  • “more ambitious options than [Sternberg's] usual riffs on the tomboy-schoolgirl look” (
  • Sternberg, whose goal is ‘cool, easy dressing,’ is on to something: His Boy clothes are on the chic side of preppy” (WWD)
I want to emulate everything from this Boy by Band of Outsiders collection. Someone might need to bring me a drool bucket...

To check out the full score card, click here!

Michelle Obama under fire | The Fashion Dungjen

According to a breaking blurb from Women's Wear Daily, the Black Artist Association is filing a formal complaint against Michelle Obama for her choice in clothing.

Amnau Eele, co-founder of BBA, is making the appeal to the First Lady's office because Obama did not wear any outfits from African-American designers during the inauguration process.

“It’s one thing to look at the world without color but she had seven slots to wear designer clothes. Why wasn’t she wearing the clothes of a black designer? That was our moment,” Eele said to WWD.

Why is it always about race? Why can't we live in the moment of success for the Obama's and not scrutinize Michelle Obama for not wearing a gown or an outfit from an African-American designer? Shouldn't we be thrilled that we are watching history with the inauguration of the first African-American president?

Isabel Toledo, who designed Michelle's lemon-yellow inauguration day outfit is a Cuban-born American. Jason Wu, the young designer who created the gorgeous gown Michelle wore to the ball is a Taiwan-born designer. Narciso Rodriguez is the son of Cuban immigrants.

Seriously, give the woman a break. Lets focus on the color of her dresses, not the color of the designer who made the dresses.

I have a sneeking suspicion that someone is using this historical mooment as a publicity stunt. If so, it's probably working, but she's going to have a lot of people on her case about her decision to file a complaint on the First Lady.

Thoughts? Comments? Concerns? Tell me what you're thinking about this.

Michelle Obama: Winner | The Fashion Dungjen

Since Tuesday's Inauguration of President Barack Obama, I've heard less about Guantanamo Bay and more about each of Michelle Obama's different outfits. This last election was an important one for our country, but with Michelle as the new First Lady, the next four years will be important for fashion as well.

The New York Times has said Michelle might be the saving grace for the fashion industry - if things keep up, that will probably be mostly true. (Especially if she keeps dressing her daughters in adorable, yet affordable, clothes.)

Here's my take on Michelle's Inaugural garb:

I wasn't a fan of Michelle's Isabel Toledo lemon-grass yellow shift dress and matching jacket from the Inaugural ceremony. It was a little too much matchy-matchy for my tastes, a little too Jackie-O. While I wasn't keen on the dress and jacket, I, unlike some of my fellow editors at The News Record, I loved her gloves. I thought the green was a nice contrast to the lemon yellow. The shoes on the other hand...

According to an Associated Press poll, 88 percent of the 835 adults surveyed approved of Michelle's gown choice for the Inaugural Ball. Jason Wu, the 26-year-old newbie fashion designer, designed the gown specifically for Michelle. However, like the rest of curious fashion crusaders, he had no idea what she would be wearing to the ball. (Toledo was also kept in the dark about what Michelle would wear to the Inauguration.)

I happen to fall into the 88 percent of people who love Michelle's dress. I think it's very feminine and chic. Yes, it's a little unconventional for a first lady, but so what? Isn't that why everyone is so amped about Michelle in the first place? She's doing things a little differently and it's awesome. I don't see any ugly pant suits or conservative skirt suits in this bodacious babe's future.

What do you think about Michelle's Inaugural get up? Vote in my poll - in the left sidebar.

Thursday, Jan. 22 | The Fashion Dungjen

I don't know whether I should slap myself or just take it for what it's worth, but, in Cincinnati, it is supposed to reach a high of 42 degrees today. Comparatively speaking, that's like being in the tropics. I'm so excited though. Really.

In light of today's [slightly] warmer weather, I opted not for a bulky and cuddly sweater, but a short-sleeved cardigan. So nice.

In the last week, this pashmina has become a staple in my wardrobe. Oma, who just returned from a five-month stay in Europe, gave it to me last weekend when I went to visit her. I'm not sure where she bought it - somewhere overseas - but I love it. I'm obsessed with it. I never want to take it off. Ever.

What I'm wearing:
Cardigan: JC Penney: $24.99
T-shirt: Forever 21: $5
Jeans: JC Penney: $10
Moccasins: Minnetonka: Christmas gift from mommy and daddy
Pashmina: European gift from Oma

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Wednesday, Jan. 21 | The Fashion Dungjen

I felt sassy yesterday. I woke up and thought to myself, "Self, today has potential to be a good day."

And, with that, I was immediately dressed.

Days like this are so unusual, but much appreciated. It's always tough trying to figure out what to wear, especially in the winter months when it's absolutely frigid and, let's be real, this is Ohio. The weather could do a Dr. Jeckyll/Mr. Hyde transformation in less than 3 seconds.

Here is what I concocted for this Wednesday.

I will say, my tights did not have that many rips, tears, snags or holes when the day started. (Photos were taken around 1 a.m.) No, I wasn't attacked by a bear, I didn't fall down the steps in front of Tangeman University Center, I simply picked at my tights ... all day long. One of my rings has a sharp edge and I may or may not have used it to cause a slight distressing to my tights. Oh well. I guess it's time to retire those bad boys.

What I'm wearing:
Sweater: Old Navy, $10
V-neck T-shirt: Forever 21, $5
Skirt: Forever 21: $10? (I bought this approximately 3 years ago.)
Tights: CVS: $2
Boots: Vintage, thrifted: $6

Monday, January 19, 2009

Guilty pleasure | The Fashion Dungjen

Everyone has a guilty pleasure: terrible 90s pop songs, radio hip-hop, Roseanne re-runs.

We all have an article of clothing that is a little off the wall, it's just that some are a little more tolerable or wearable than others.

Mine, well, I'm not sure if mine falls into the 'tolerable' or 'wearable' categories, but I love it and wear it with reckless abandon. Sarcastic or serious, it always gets a lot of feedback.

I present to you the $1 polar bear thrift store sweat shirt:

How can you say no to hugging polar bears...?

Do you have a fashion-related guilty pleasure? If yes, please share!

What's in your ..bag..? | The Fashion Dungjen

This is a spin-off of 'What's in your bag.' Nothing is actually from a bag, which is why I'm unsure of what to call it... Either way, I think this is explanation enough of why I don't feature more wallets...

This is Josh, one of my best friends. He was present during the gutting of Ray's bag and was a little jealous. So, I offered to do a 'What's in your wallet.' So, uh, yeah. Enjoy. (Ladies, he's single.)

Josh has a lot of cards: gift cards, promotional cards, credit cards, orange cards. (I learned the orange cards are used for drum exercises. I'm not sure I fully understand that much yet, but Josh said this proves how awesome he is. I never doubted this. Seriously.) I'm not sure what I expected when he started flinging his credit cards all over the place. I thought maybe there would be something scandalous - a girl's phone number at least. I didn't think he'd have so many receipts, but there were a few.

Readers, I have a question: What is the most interesting thing you have ever discovered in a guys' wallet?

What's in your bag? | The Fashion Dungjen

So I have this friend. Her name is Ray (Rachel if you want to be technical about it.). For awhile she insisted we call her Ray4billion. We had a friend, Art, who legally changed his name to Art4b(m?)illion. She figured if he could have a mysteriously numerical name, so could she. Anyway, Ray was itching to have the contents of her bag featured on The Fashion Dungjen ... Ray, I know you knew this would happen, but, my friend, here you go.

What's funny about this: Ray's "new team member" Target name tag is about a year old. She's hardly new; she wears it so people can get upset with her because they think she's a newbie.

Eye glasses case, Sprite ChapStick, car keys, fingerless gloves, a cell phone, iPod, planner.

Creepy doll book. Seriously, Ray, where do you find these things? (At Oma's house, where I stay when I go up north, there is a creepy doll lamp. Perhaps I'll give it to you some day. The eyes just follow you. I swear it's alive...)

Aside from the aforementioned: a book, lotion and a hair tie.

And there you have it. That is Ray's bag. (Ray, I hope that was as fulfilling as you imagined. The world, or some portion of it, now knows what you keep in your floral-print purse.)

Ray, where is your wallet...?

Thursday, January 15, 2009

WTF? | The Fashion Dungjen

I've seen this posted on a couple different blogs and each time I'm more and more disappointed.

For anyone who follows the Rev. Run's daughters, Vanessa and Angela Simmons, knows they have their own shoe line, Pastry. For anyone who shops or reads as compulsively as I do, you've at least heard of Johnny Cupcakes. (If not, I suggest you take a peek at their Web site. They have some seriously cute T-shirts.)

Anyway, take a look at these Johnny Cupcake designs (left) compared to the Pastry designs.

Suspiciously similar, right? What happened to originality? If this isn't a blatant copy of an idea, I don't know what is.

It's not like this is the first time a company has ganked Johnny Cupcakes' ideas. A few years ago I read a lot about Urban Outfitters selling a T-shirt design that was strikingly comparable to a Johnny Cupcakes design.

Anyway, bloggers and individual thinkers are asking those who think this is wrong to let Pastry know. Protect the creativity of designers and bring originality back.

To contact Pastry:

If you could send a quick e-mail or leave a voice mail regarding this matter that would be awesome! I feel that the right thing for them to do at this point would be to pull all of those shirts out of the stores and issue a formal notice stating that what they did was wrong.

Customer service toll free Number: 1-800-970-0776
Mon-Fri 9AM-6PM. Sat 10AM-5PM (ET).
http://www. pastrykicks. com/contact/
http://www. myspace. com/pastrykicks

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Slow news day? | The Fashion Dungjen

Emily Lang, friend and fellow editor at The News Record, pointed out the Cincinnati Enquirer's International Fashion photo slide show on Must have been a slow news day..?

Anyway, I saw a couple things I thought were compelling...

I love this skirt. Malaysia designer, Winson Tan, shows her designs at the 2009 Asian Designers Collection in JFW International Fashion Fair in Tokyo, Wednesday, Jan. 14.

I like this hat. And jacket. This is part of Printing's collection showing at the Fashion Rio show in Rio de Janeiro, Wednesday, Jan. 14.

WTF? | The Fashion Dungjen

What is going on here? Can someone clue me in? I can't tell if this is a full-body suit in a terrible tie dye pattern or if someone did a little DIY on their sweatshirt and their sweatpants. Either way, someone needs to buy this kid a mirror. Or a clue. Or maybe both.

Thanks, Jillian for the photo! (It's nice to have friends who will send you picture messages of on-campus ridiculousness.)
Feel free to e-mail me any photos you see of fashion gone wrong:

Monday, January 12, 2009

Shoes | The Fashion Dungjen

It's no secret: I love shoes. I bought two pair yesterday. (Don't tell my parents.) They haven't arrived yet - I bought them online when I was at The News Record during production. But, as soon as they do, I'll be ready to break them in.

Until then, here's what I have to offer to my feet...

"You can't take money with you when you die, but you can bury me in different shoes."

Monday, Jan. 12, 2009 | The Fashion Dungjen

I love blue. And cream. Naturally, I love blue T-shirts and cream cardigans. Viola. I need to stop waking up for class late. Maybe then I can start figuring out something a little more interesting than T-shirts and cardigans.
BUT, there is no black. No gray. Awesome..!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Vegas, anyone? | The Fashion Dungjen

I keep forgetting this, and I'm not sure how, because it's pretty awesome, but Jenni, the editor of Lee Magazine, told me that someone in Las Vegas keeps searching my name and fashion on the Web site. I don't know anyone in Vegas, so somebody out there is reading up on what I'm writing about.

Maybe, if they're reading my column in the magazine, they're reading the blog..?

Dear Vegas reader:

Thanks! I don't even know you and I love you.


Lip Conditioner | The Fashion Dungjen

I so rarely become obsessed with specific products. I can only name a few that I use without thinking about a substitution.

Last time I was at M.A.C. I let the sales woman talk me into buying some lip conditioner, $13.50. She told me I could mix it with my many shades of lipstick to achieve a moisturizing lipstick with a little different look.

I was sold.

When I got home, however, I realized it was way too much work to mix the two (although it would only take about 3 seconds) and now I use it as just a lip conditioner.

I want to kiss myself. All the time. Seriously. I have never used a ChapStick or anything that boasts ultimate lip healing powers that makes my lips so soft. Plus, it has a really subtle vanilla taste and smell. Mmmm!

I now pledge allegiance to M.A.C.'s color-free Lip Conditioner.
Have you ever tried it? What do you think?

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Thursday, Jan. 8, 2009 | The Fashion Dungjen

Good morning, friends!

According to, it is frightfully cold outside (Feels like 14 degrees). Because of this, I have no motivation to trek out to class. (I'm not due in my seat until 11 a.m. and I'm going to push the limits of that today.)

While I was brushing my teeth this morning I said to myself, "Self, you should really take some of these paper towels to clean your mirror. People are going to think you are n-a-s-t-y-."

So, what did I do? I forgot. Duh.

I have this nasty habit of wearing a lot of black and a lot of gray. I can't help it. Tomorrow I'll think about spicing it up; It is Friday, after all.

Don't forget! Today is Thursday which means "The Fashion Dungjen" is on stands in The News Record. Lucky for any of you out-of-towners that we post all of our stories to the Web. This week's topic: Fab fashion new year's resolutions.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Contest winner! | The Fashion Dungjen

Are woodland creatures the next big thing in fashion? I have seen a lot of little birds on clothing and different home decor lately. I even bought a shirt from Urban Outfitters pretty recently with little deer on it. Well, even if it's not the next big thing, we're going to give Gloria the credit for the idea as the winner of the earrings provided by Linda at Art Happens.

Congratulations, Gloria! Check your inbox for a confirmation e-mail and for instructions on what to do next!

Look for more contests to come in the next day or so!


Tuesday, Jan. 6, 2009 | The Fashion Dungjen

OK, so I'm a day late. And I'm about to be another day late with today's outfit.

Anyway, here's what I have for you from yesterday. Very exciting. I know. (I know I said I was going to clean my mirror. Clearly that didn't happen. I don't any paper towels in my room and whenever I go to the bathroom to, you know, use the bathroom, picking up some extra towels is the last thing on my mind. I'll get to it ... eventually.)

Do you totally love that you can see a pair of my underwear? It's the green and blue mess of fabric on the floor in the picture of my boots. Cute, I know.

Tuesday's ensemble:
Green sweater: JC Penney
Black jeans: JC Penney
Scarf (around my wrist): Thrifted
Boots: Vintage/thrifted
Socks: Target

Rings: Kay Jewelers

Monday, January 5, 2009

Something wrong with Vogue? | The Fashion Dungjen

Sitting in class, OK, well, waiting for class to start (I only have 3 minutes so I'll make this quick!) I was reading The New York Times and stumbled across this story about Vogue and its "rut" that was discussed in a letter from a reader.

Take a look at the article. Think about the last issues of Vogue that you have seen on shelves or ones that you have actually bought and read. Let me know what you think. I'll weigh in on this exact thing when I'm not in class. It's only the first day, after all, and I'm not trying to get in trouble ... yet.

Newbies | The Fashion Dungjen

I did a little shopping during break. (And by a little shopping I mean WAY too much shopping.) Obviously. Here are some rings I acquired. The two on the ends are from Kay Jewelers, where I work seasonally. My parents bought the blue one on the right for me for Christmas and I bought myself the brown ring. The center is from a small vendor in Akron who had a kiosk in the mall. I wear that one on my thumb. It's great.

I didn't buy all of these on break .. just the "Viva la Juicy" and the bigger bottle of Gwen Stephani's "Baby" scent. I love them all. Betsey Johnson's fragrance is in the background ... just in case you're curious! (Buying me perfume and big rings is easily one o the fastest ways to earn serious brownie points. I'm just gonna throw that out there..!)

Monday, Jan. 5 | The Fashion Dungjen

I have resolved to post more this year. Granted my blog came about just this last year, I didn't do as much with it as I would have liked. I think the Seller Spotlights were really awesome - and there are still more, with contests, to come! - but there were other things I wanted to do that I never really got around to.

One of the reasons I frequent fashion blogs is to see what other people are wearing. I mean, duh? It would be way easier if I had a little photographer assistant that I could make take photos of everything I'm wearing on a daily basis, but since I don't have that ... yet ... my mirror will have to suffice until I can find a way to use the self timer effectively on this thing.

Hold in there. It'll happen.

Anyway, today I'm taking it easy. Nice and comfortable for the first day of class.

I promise that before I do this again tomorrow, I'll clean the mirror. I guess that would have been a good place to start. You can also see my room here. Don't let these photos fool you. It's not as big as it looks.

Blue pants: Urban Outfitters
Brown T-shirt: Forever 21
Shoes: Minnetonka

Happy Monday, my friends! | The Fashion Dungjen

Today, Monday, Jan. 5, is the first day back in class for most University of Cincinnati students. Normally I would bitch and moan about having to get up for class. But nope, not today.

A few different, unrelated happenings contribute to this lack of the Monday blues, but one of them is most definitely this day-by-day calendar that my parents picked out (Well, OK, my dad picked out. He did all the shopping this year. He also did an unusually good job, actually.) and bought me for Christmas.

Every day there is a new purse for me to stare at. Oh, Daddy, you know me so well! Today's bag is a bamboo and net collapsible basket from the 70s. I'd carry one with me to Findlay Market. I think that would be fabulous. Am I right?

Have a wonderful Monday, my friends!

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Yes Please! | The Fashion Dungjen

In regards to my last post, I did say I loved much of the Chloe collection. And that's true. My favorite outfit from the runway was this:

I love the skirt in its entirety - scalloped white ruffles, blue color, the bow, the high waist. All of it. This is a skirt I'd take in every color. I think the white top is great. The whole look is very put together and classy. It's very feminine. If I could afford it, I would buy this whole look.

Yes please!

What happened here? | The Fashion Dungejn

Browsing, while also procrastinating the massive pile of things I have to accomplish before I go to bed tonight, I decided it had been awhile since I had seen any Chloe. Easily enough, I decided I would browse the Spring 2009 Ready-to-Wear collection. I instantly fell in love with the first few looks and was sure the entire collection would be fabulous. That is, well, until I came upon this...

I'm not really sure what is going on here with those shorts. The model's crotch looks like a big bulbous sac. Not really what I would consider an attractive look. You know something isn't right if even the model can't wear it well.

You don't have to take my word for it ... What do you think of this look? Fashion faux-pas or fabulousness?

Friday, January 2, 2009

Seller Spotlight: CONTEST | The Fashion Dungjen

Linda, the creative genius and super nice woman behind Art Happens, was [super] nice and donated a pair of gorgeous vintage-inspired earrings for one lucky reader of The Fashion Dungjen.

Your ears will thank you for winning so make sure you enter!

To enter, answer the following question before noon, Wednesday, Jan. 7. Cross your fingers and good luck.

The question:

Trends in fashion are always changing. One minute something is hot, the other, it's old news. What do you think will be the next big trend in fashion? Are you seeing something that stands out? Do you think you'll follow this trend? Why or why not?

Ready? Set? Go!