Tuesday, March 31, 2009

In my white T, Day 3: Jillian | The Fashion Dungjen

So, today I tried to be creative with my white T outfit. The bright pink tights and scarf definitely achieved the creative goal, but may have been a tad too “look at me!” for my taste. In one of my pictures I’m running away from home. However, the bright pink might be less than ideal for a sneaky getaway. I would be easily spotted and brought home by my parents or possibly mistaken for a prostitute. I would recommend camouflage tights for activities that require some stealth, such as running away from home. I would also suggest tennis shoes and not flats that are ever so slightly too big so that they slip off from time to time.

I had fun with this outfit today, even if it is one that I won’t be repeating any time soon. Its raining outside right now, which could put a damper on tomorrow’s outfit plans. We’ll see. The whether has been a little schizo this last week.

In my white T, Day 3: Taylor | The Fashion Dungjen

I have to start off by saying how thrilled I am that non-regular white T participants are tuning in and trying the challenge out for themselves. I've had more people tell me they're going to wear a white T this week than I could have imagined. If you participate, from whatever corner of the globe, send me your photos, a quick write up and I'll be happy to post it on the blog! Send any submissions to thefashiondungjen@gmail.com. I'm anxious to see what others can come up with! Anyway...

Today was a weird day. Well, weird in the sense that this is Ohio and the weather has schizophrenic tendencies. The high was supposed to be near 68 degrees, but I'm not sure it ever peaked past 50-ish degrees. Getting dressed had me a little conflicted, so I went with jeans - fail proof, usually. I opted to cut up my white T this morning at the last minute - my belt is inherently 80s so I thought I'd channel it a little further and do a mock up of an 80s workout video. If I believed in leggings as pants - and I don't, of course - I would have done that, too. Talk about being able to take the 80s too far.

Actually, speaking of looking like your from the 80s, I was leaving my European Civilization class this afternoon and two girls who looked like they'd eaten a bowl of "I'm trying really hard to look like an 80s rocker chic" for breakfast made a comment about another girl in our class trying too hard to look 80s. Uh... Mirror check, anyone? But, not, really, the 80s, much to my dismay, are coming back in fashion.

Anyway, today I opted for the same skinny jeans from Sunday, a thrifted belt (it's just one belt), Minnetonka mocs and jewelery - gold earrings and bracelets and some big rings, of course.

Here is a hilarious conversation surrounding my belt:

Tom: "Is your belt holding up your pants?"
Me: "What?"
Kristy: "It's called fashion, Tom. Come on."
Me: "I mean, does it look like my belt is holding up my pants?"
Tom: "I don't know, are you wearing really high pants?
Linda: "Are her pants invisible?"

*Photo guest stars: Dog-Dog, the stuffed dog, and Tooth, my shark. I've had Dog-Dog since the day I was born. He's my best friend - we don't spend much time apart. I'll admit, when he's not in my bed I have nightmares. It's pretty awful. Anyone else still rely on stuffed animals? (I still have my baby blanket that I sleep with, too.)

In my white T, Day 3: Gina | The Fashion Dungjen

Today, I decided to spice and dress up my white T. I sported a black a-line pencil skirt (the cut is interesting, and I dig it), with black and a dark, elephant gray houndstooth patterned tights. I knew this outfit needed heels to achieve my desired look, so I donned a pair of pointed-toe, black-leather sling backs. The heel wasn't too bad, but I will say that my feet do hurt after trekking around campus in them all day. For jewelry, I wore my favorite pearls wrapped around my wrist. I think I’m getting the hang of the white tee. It’s all about wearing whatever you'd normally wear, but with extra attention to the details.

Monday, March 30, 2009

In my white, uh, T? | The Fashion Dungjen

Here is what I like: having friends. It may sound silly, but, I mean, really though. Having friends is totally excellent. For example (as seen above), my beloved friend, Ryan, who is a journalism grad student at New York University (and by the way, he's awesome and kicking ass) e-mailed a photo of himself in a white shirt. OK, so it's not a white T, but whatever. That's the beauty of having your own blog: You can do whatever you want. BAM. OK, but Ry is a pretty stylish guy and I like to be seen in public with him whenever possible. I hope that's as creepy as it sounds. So, here's to Ryan, being the most fab friend in a white non-T.

In my white T, Day 2: Taylor | The Fashion Dungjen

Bonjour, friends. Yes, friends. Yes, bonjour. I actually took French for three years in high school, again at the University of Cincinnati, and I am really quite terrible at speaking the language.

Anyway, I'm a little worried, now that classes are a-go for Spring Quarter, that I'm going to look like the freakish girl who doesn't own/wear anything other than an oversize white T-shirt every single day. I mean, as much as I like to pretend, not everyone reads my blog. (I did learn that Greg Hand, UC spokesman, has visited the blog at least once. So, if you're out there, reading this,

I had to wake up at 7 a.m. to get ready for a breakfast meeting with Elissa Sonnenberg, a journalism professor at UC, and Sue Porter, who works with Scripps Howard. It was lovely. Sue and Elissa have very excellent coats. Anyway, I was very tired this morning, almost forgot deodorant before I walked out the door, but thankfully for everyone, I remembered at the last moment. Greg, I would like to extend an extra special shout out to you.)

I opted for super bright blue jeans, brown Steve Madden boots, a thrifted scarf, my white T (duh), and some accessories - bangles, rings. I got a lot of compliments/comments on my pants. They are very bright. I think tomorrow I'll try and do something a little different with the T-shirt, but I'm not quite sure what. Hmm..

I should also mention: I love pretzels. Mmm.

In my white T, Day 2: Gina | The Fashion Dungjen

Today, I woke up (at 10:30 – holla’ spring quarter late classes!) and was so amped to wear my Nike dunks, which I am madly in love with. The trouble with these kicks is that they require a certain amount of matchy-matchy, in that they are mint and burgundy. Not the most accessible color combination. I purchased them from eBay for a mere $50, and they are one of my all-time favorite pairs of shoes. To complement and highlight their excellence, I sported my white tee, a burgundy pashmina scarf, which was purchased for me as a gift from a dear friend, and I borrowed my roommate's black and white leopard print bangle. I felt vaguely thuglicious today, which is, in my opinion, always the best way to feel.

In my white T, Day 2: Tad | The Fashion Dungjen

OK, OK. So Tad's not a regular contributor. I know. You know. We all know. But, when he heard about In my white T week, he couldn't help but be excited, "I wore a white T-shirt today!" And, with that, I snagged my camera, we went to his floor, and snapped a glamour shot if I ever saw one. I guess jeans and a white T is the all-American look. (Please note huge flag on the wall.) Way to go, Tadward. Way to go.

In my white T, Day 2: Jillian | The Fashion Dungjen

Woohoo day 2! OK, so today’s outfit was an attempt to dress for the weather. Kind of difficult when the high is 60 and the low is 39. Thank you Mother Nature. Anyway, V-neck white T from Wal-mart, dress from Target, black leggings and Steve Madden boots. The hat was added just as I walked out the door because I noticed my hair looked kind of gross, haha. I put on the yellow ring again because it matched the floral pattern of the dress. I felt very artsy in this ensemble. As for the weather, I was freezing when it was 39 and way too warm when it was 60. Oh well. I have never been a fan of white, I felt like it brought out the paleness of my skin and the pink undertones more than necessary. But this week might just teach me that I can wear white every once in awhile, at least to layer.

*Editor's Note, Jillian looks like she is falling out of the window/has no head. I wonder which would be worse ... Having no head or falling out of a window. Assume you could still live and have no head - I'm going to go with not having head would be worse. What do you think?

Sunday, March 29, 2009

In my white T, Day 1: Gina | The Fashion Dungjen

I would first like to say that I love white tees. I have always been a huge fan, and if I could, I wear would wear a nice, crisp, fresh white tee one time, and then recycle it after its first and only use. Sadly, I cannot afford nor justify retiring a shirt after one use, so I obviously don't do that. I did, however, for this week-long challenge, purchase a five-pack of men's V-neck tees from Target for $11. Not bad. I’m looking forward to this challenge, though I am fearful that by Wednesday I’m not going to care anymore and I’ll look trashy having worn a white tee four days in a row. You, TD's dear readers, will see along with me whether or not this terrible dream with come to fruition.

At any rate, today I spent most of the day en route to Cincinnati from my homeland, a suburb of Akron. I didn't really think about being incredibly fashion forward, as this journey takes about four hours, and I was just with my parents. So, I wore a newly purchased white tee, dark skinny jeans, and my shiny new blue suede loafers, which I bought at Old Navy for $4 (Score!). Tomorrow, we'll see what the day holds. Indeed, we will.

In my white T, Day 1: Jillian | The Fashion Dungjen

For the first day of White T week, I wore a white T-shirt from Wal-Mart. I really like the collar, and it was only $8, so there ya go. Since I woke up at 7:30 a.m., and had to be downstairs at 8 a.m., the rest of the outfit is kinda simple: black skinny jeans, flats, some bright jewelry and a red headband for some color. The yellow ring is brand new from Forever 21. It is very large and very yellow and I think I’m in love. Hopefully tomorrow will be a bit more creative, but maybe not since I have to get up at 7 a.m…