Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Election Day garb continued | The Fashion Dungjen

So, it's Election Day. Duh. The office is buzzing with activity and everyone is anxious.

I found a few more political T-shirts on campus today. And guess what. Still no McCain-Palin T-shirts. I've been looking. Seriously, I am about to give up. McCain supporters, if you're out there, I'm in The News Record office and will probably be here until darkest hours of the night. I'd like to see that you exist.

Brooke Antoine, a second-year chemical engineering student, sporting a "Respect my vote!" T-shirt.
Spotted in Tangeman University Center.

Garrison Carr, a fourth-year psychology student in an Obama-Biden T-shirt.
Spotted outside of McMicken Hall.

Mike Dickson, a first-year business student, in his "Hope" T-shirt.
Spotted picking up a copy of The News Record in Swift Hall.

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