Sunday, November 30, 2008

Seller Spotlight: CONTEST | The Fashion Dungjen

Hilary's clocks are pretty awesome, right? She was nice enough to make a clock for the buy local Seller Spotlight series of The Fashion Dungjen. One lucky reader is going to win a handmade, one-of-a-kind melting clock.

Hilary's clocks are often electric colors of reds, blues, greens - anything you can think of. The clock for this contest, is a fabulous shade of blue. If it wasn't wrong for me to do so, I'd enter the contest because I want to keep it.

Here is the question for this contest:

Hilary is inspired by the work of Salvador Dali and surrealism. What artist or piece of art inspires you and why?

The deadline to enter this contest is noon, Friday, Dec. 5. (This way, if you're a University of Cincinnati student, you'll know what time it is and won't be late for any of your exams!) Post your response to the question in a comment to this entry to qualify!

Ready, set, GO! ENTER! WIN!


Reeva said...

I'm inspired by nature -- the colors the shapes ..textures.

Everywhere you go nature has its differences but at its core its basically all the same. I enjoy getting my inspiration from the world around me.

Anonymous said...

out of all of the styles of art, i am most inspired by impressionism. the french impressionist painters did such an incredible job of taking something and creating it in a way that it appears to be something totally different. from afar, each painting is a cohesive unit, all the colors and choppy strokes blending together to form a recognizable image. upon further investigation, each part of the painting can be viewed as an entirely separate unit; every splotch has a life and a story of its own.

this sort of separate but together art form has always fascinated me, encouraged me to look more closely and inspired me to create in such a way that viewers will scratch their heads and wonder.

-gina gaetano (it won't let me leave a comment with my lj account name...?)

briana said...

Not to be repetitive, but I would say that surrealism inspires me most. In a world that tends to be only black and white, only right or wrong, left or right, up or down, there seems to be no room left, or even wanted, for anything in between. This to me is why art exists. In art there are no boundaries, no rules, no rights or wrong, and least of all, not only black and white. In the world of art, anything is possible and I see this in surrealist work.

The juxtaposition of things that are so strikingly similar to our reality and something just a bit off, that makes you look twice, is intriguing. When I look at surreal art, I see reality within reality. What we see, in our world, is not always what you get. When this is translated to canvas, it cries to the audience; begging us to take a step back from our literal ways of thinking and reevaluate our views of reality.

Surrealism makes an ironic, sarcastic and challenging view to what we "know" as the truth. Looking at something that is only seemingly physically unrealistic, forces us to stretch the legs of our imagination; not even in a "unicorns and leprauchans (sp??)" sort of way, but to reach in to our minds eye and question and be critical, and reaally appreciate what is working around us.

There is a palette of color in our every day; someone can have rights in their wrong intentions, left can be the wind and the horizon can be vertical.

-Briana Cohen
Cincinnati, OH :)

Jillian Strunk said...

Photography inspires me. I like that the picture is something real, I like that every day objects become meaningful and that the photographer can decide what means something and what does not. The emotion of a photograph can be changed by the colors, the lighting, and the camera angle. In my room I have a black and white photograph of a statue of the virgin Mary. The picture is only of the statue's hands. She is holding a rose which is colored red. The picture is sorrowful, mysterious and somehow hopeful all at the same time. I think that this depth of emotion mirrors people because people always have more than one thing going on in their head and in their hearts.

Chris said...

I Think That Dadaism Would Be My Favorite Movement In Art Because There Were A Lot Of Things That It Suggested And There Were A Lot Of Things That It Did Not Suggest! All On Purpose! Even Though Some Of It Was Not On Purpose!
It Began In Switzerland! And I Really Like Switzerland! Dadaism Taught This Wasn't Really Art! It Was "Anti-Art"! A Piece From This "School" Would Be Marcel Duchamp's Famous "Fountain"!
Dada Taught Me To Think Outside Of The Box!

emily lang said...

Robert Frank's photography inspires me. His exploration of the everyday reminds photographers to the find the beauty in the seemingly mundane...on the street corner, at family gatherings, on the bus... Anyone can take a picture of something breathtaking and have it turn out well, but those who seek to illuminate what we take for granted everyday in a thoughtful and interesting way - that is a real art.

Shel said...

Art-idiot here, what inspires me are the things that make me laugh or smile. I like the funky and fun in life. I adore Keith Haring so imagine how happy I was to see "Barking Dog" on my new cell phone as a wallpaper choice! I'm also a huge fan of Edward Gorey. It's got to have color and it's got to be fun!