Saturday, November 15, 2008

The Stinky Shoe Plague | The Fashion Dungjen

My stinkiest flats. Seriously, they're rancid.

I always thought I may be the only one to have the stinky shoes problem ... until I came to work for The News Record. From designers to writers, from editors to photographers, it seems stinky feet have plagued the female employees of the paper. It may be because most of us opt for flats, which is a foot funk breeding ground.

Now I know that the smelly foot problem extends to the office, I know it has to extend even further. And I know I'm not the only one who goes home and night, takes off her shoes and winces and exclaims, "WOOEE!" before spraying three tons of Febreeze into the air. (Which reminds me that my can is almost empty.)

After a night of ridicule about my stinky feet, when I go home after the paper is put to bed, these shoes are making their way down the trash chute. These will be the third pair of shoes I've thrown away in the last month. Woe is me.

Anyway, to cure the nastiness I've done a little digging.

Some of the easiest solutions to help at least mask the funk include:

-rubbing alcohol
-baking soda
-Fill dryer sheets with baking soda and close them with a rubber band and place them in the "smelly" shoes.

Some of the weirdest things I read:
-Make a packet of fresh coffee grounds (right from the can) by putting grounds in an envelope or end of pantyhose and place inside the shoes.

The most logical thing I heard:
-Buy the little sock footies and wear them with your shoes, "they make a world of a difference," according to one of my friends. (I forget who mentioned these.)

Does anyone have any other suggestions I can pass on? Have you tried any of these things? Do they work?

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