Sunday, November 16, 2008

Yes Please! | The Fashion Dungjen

It's finally legitimately cold outside. In fact, I've heard rumor there was snow on rooftops this morning. All this talk of the impending winter has me super excited for coats. Though I've just bought one, which has already lost three buttons, I feel as though you can never have too many. (This is also my motto for shirts, shoes, pants, earrings, etc. This is also why I have run out of closet or drawer space.)

I was scanning runway collections on and came across this triangular Stella McCartney jacket. I can't decide if I love it or think it's fantastic. What happened to her arms?! To wear the jacket you probably have to be no bigger than the model who is wearing it for it to not look any more absurd. If you did look more absurd, you would at least have a very warm neck.

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