Friday, December 12, 2008

Oh happy day!!!! | The Fashion Dungjen

I have many good things to report/announce.

I found out last night that my parents retracted their decision put Oreo to sleep. Talked to them again this morning and they're bringing the dog home. I got a sassy voice mail from my dad about the text I sent to my mom that said, "what?!?" She assumed I meant "why?" when I was actually expressing my confusion/enthusiasm. Good one. Anyway, so, yeah, my dog is still around!

I really appreciate everyone with their kind messages yesterday. You are the best!

I scooped all other media outlets in Cincinnati in the on-campus explosion story. For the few details available, please click here.


Sameen is the winner of the Ellen Edwards earring contest! Congratulations Sameen!
Rachel is the winner of the Mere et fille necklace! Rachel's most outrageous wish-list item is a banana protector. If someone wants to buy it for her, I'm sure we could work something out.

There are still a couple days left to enter the Peanut Butter and Yelly contest and I have SO many more contests to post! Now that (NUMBER 4) I'm done with all of my final exams for the quarter, I have way more time to work on write ups! Yay!

My room is something of a disaster so I'm about to clean and then work on putting up three or four contests today. Ambitious, I know, but it must be done!

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