Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Seller Spotlight: CONTEST | The Fashion Dungjen

I love Amber's (Peanut Butter and Yelly) screen prints. They're colorful, multi-dimensional and a little off the wall. I love that some of the colors and prints she chooses are eerie; like if you saw that piece of land, or that bridge in real life, it would have potential to be the perfect place for a little ghost hunting.

She was nice enough to send me a print of one of these exact locations. If you've been keeping up, you know by now that this print isn't for me to keep, it's for you to win. And trust me, you want this.

If you've been MIA or have just stumbled across The Fashion Dungjen, here is how you win. (It's really easy, I promise.)

You have to enter the question below in a comment on this entry by noon, Sunday, Dec. 14. Then, you have to do nothing but be patient until I can announce the winner that day. Simple, right? Yeah, I thought so too.

Anyway, here's your question:

How would you describe your personal style? Do you feel it's important to express yourself through what you wear?


Chelsey C. said...

I think my style expresses how I'm feeling on a certain day. If I'm feeling girly, I will put on a top that I know makes me feel good. For example, I have a beautiful deep purple top that fits me like a glove and it gives me an extra boost of confidence. If I'm tired or feeling lethargic, a baggy hoodie will suffice.
I think expressiveness by means of clothing is extremely important. Clothing is an easy way to show different sides to your personality, and it is a great way to give people certain impressions about yourself you are willing to convey. A flirty dress is wonderful when I'm feeling, well, flirty! Fitted jeans are when I want to be more casual, which is my usual conveyance when it comes to my clothing. Whatever mood I'm in, though, you can be sure that my clothing will be a perfect display of it. I wake up as a blank canvas and every day I create a new piece of art. This is a wonderful feeling!

Bentley said...

My personal style... Comfortable, an attempt to be affordable, classic yet unique. Yes, what I wear is important -- but it is certainly not the only way I express myself.

Erin R. said...

I love to add a unique accessory to any outfit I wear, whether it's sloppy, classy, dressy, or casual. I'll add a necklace no one has ever seen before or cute shoes that other people might walk past on the shelf. I think my style really relfects me - sloppy sometimes, classy other times but always unique :)

Alyssa Ryan said...

This semester, I have had an interesting battle with my personal style.

August marked my first semester as a graduate student. Although I am only TAing and grading papers at the moment, next year I will have to teach a few courses (to students that are only two or three years younger than I am).

Prior to making this change, my personal style was thrifty, comfortable, and very much Alyssa. I wear skinny jeans and converse a lot. They're comfortable, cute, and they make me feel good. I usually wear some sort of short sleeved shirt (t-shirt, tailored shirt, etc.) and a sweater or fleece. And a bag. Always have to have a bag. Whether it was my Natalie Dee 'Will Knit for Tattoos' bag or my Nikon vintage camera bag, I always had a bag.

I am now surrounded by grown-ups. Or, 25-30 year olds who think they are grown-ups. They wear heels, they wear suits, they style their hair everyday and sometimes wear ties. Everything is very professional.

While at home, I am still very much the comfortable, stylish old Alyssa that I have always been, at school, I have to dress to impress. Since I am not teaching, I still wear jeans, but I try to wear a button up shirt or a shirt with a collar most of the time. When I know that I am going to be around students and that I will have to offer them 'instruction,' I put on makeup and snazzy shoes, and I usually pull my hair back.

That said, the students still think that I am their peer/classmate, and not an assistant instructor. I also love scarves, but I get weird looks wearing scarves in Texas. It's December and I can still wear flip flops some days, so I suppose it's not quite "scarf season" to them.

I feel that it is incredibly important to express yourself through what you wear. Although my personal style has undergone some transformations since I entered graduate school, I still feel that I am very much myself. I also think that it's time to go shopping. :)