Wednesday, January 14, 2009

WTF? | The Fashion Dungjen

What is going on here? Can someone clue me in? I can't tell if this is a full-body suit in a terrible tie dye pattern or if someone did a little DIY on their sweatshirt and their sweatpants. Either way, someone needs to buy this kid a mirror. Or a clue. Or maybe both.

Thanks, Jillian for the photo! (It's nice to have friends who will send you picture messages of on-campus ridiculousness.)
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Darrin said...

Hi, My name is Darrin Stemple, and I just love Tie-Dye... Problem? I suggest you add a little more color into your life.. or maybe even an open-mind because, that's obviously something you, and the grand majority of your DAAP hipster friends lack. Tone down the irony and see if those muscles in your face still work so you can crack a fucking smile. Thank you (b^_^)b

Darrin Stemple