Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Barbie: The good | The Fashion Dungjen

It would be wrong of me to ignore Barbie's 50th birthday. So, to make sure I covered all my bases, (paying homage to the toy that shaped my childhood and making sure my column is sort of timely), I decided to write about the Barbie runway show at New York Fashion Week.

There were some good, some bad and some outrageously terrifying outfits. Here is my first post, in a series of posts, about my faves, the ones that made me gag and the outfits that made me vomit.

My favorites: (In no particular order)

Lyn Devon: This 50s silhouette screams Barbie. It's just as classic and timeless as she is. Her belt adds a little bit of modern flair to the otherwise streamlined dress. The perfectly pink patent leather peep-toe stilettos, which were worn by every life-size doll who strutted her stuff down the catwalk, were designed by Christian Louboutin. I have a feeling Barbie would approve. The cat-eye sunglasses and headscarf cap off this Barbie ensemble perfectly.

Kenneth Cole: The only Ken cast in the entire show. He walked alongside Barbie, her T-shirt adorned in "Everyone needs a Ken!" It was the perfect couple setup for the Valentine's Day show. I love that Barbie's hair is beyond huge. So perfect. It's nice to see Barbie in pants. I don't know about anyone else, but whenever my real Barbie's had pants, it was way too difficult to get them on and off for a change of clothing. I bet she had an easier time. Or I hope so, anyway.

Costello Tagliapietra: You can't go wrong with this dress. I'll take one too, please. Although the model looks mildly terrifying in this photo - I think the red lipstick is a little too much for her - it doesn't change the fact that the dress is absolutely stunning. I'm not so sure it goes well with the pink pumps, but paired with the sheer black tights and the black gloves, it's perfection.

Kai Kuhne: The strapless, tiered pink polka dot dress is wonderful. This,actually, might be in my top three favorites. I especially love it with the blue gloves. I think I need a pair of those, too. Maybe throw in that blue clutch and I'll be sold. Again, I think the bigger the Barbie hair, the better the outfit looks. Then again, I am the ultimate advocate of big hair (if you've ever seen mine in real life, you'd understand why).

Betsey Johnson: This dress would not only be perfect for Barbie, but does this not scream Carrie Bradshaw? I think this dress should make a cameo in the Sex and the City sequel.
Nicole Miller: This checkered-print dress is reminiscent of an actual outfit Barbie wore sometime in her early years. Normally I hate white tights on anyone who isn't 3-years-old and younger, but of course, leave it to the unnaturally thin model to pull it off well.

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briannelee said...

I love Barbie. The Betsey Johnson dress is so cute!