Thursday, February 26, 2009

Dear Giles, WTF? | The Fashion Dungjen

Ready-to-wear collections should often be just that - looks every woman (or, well, "every woman") can walk out of the house in without looking a damn fool.

Could someone pass that on to Giles Deacon? Please?

If the Bearcats are ever looking for a uniform redesign, I'm going to go ahead and throw this idea their way. Are we headed to football practice, coach? Perhaps I'll just send this in a memo to Brian Kelly. I bet he'd appreciate it. Plus, Connor Barwin would look outrageously attractive in this, I'm sure. Oh, and is it a full moon? Is this model turning into a warewolf? What's happening to her arms? Can someone get this girl some Nair?

This model here, in the spiked skirt of death, hopefully isn't on the opposing football team (see: above). Clearly she would puncture the jacket(?) if an attempt to tackle was made. Seriously, you can't even just hug someone in this. Are there spikes on the back? If there are, you better hope you're wearing some super comfortable shoes because you're either going to be standing all day.

I'm not sure what's going on here, but OK, no, I have nothing. This is supposed to be reminiscent of the Pac Man inspired collection from last season, but it's less like
Pac Man and more, oh, I dunno, like the person who makes minimum wage passing out fliers at the new wieners stand...?

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