Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Pantsless, Day 3: Taylor | The Fashion Dungjen

I cannot even begin to explain how much I miss sitting Indian-style. I miss being able to sit like a slob in class, throw my legs up on the news desk at work and just relax. Forget the subarctic-like temperatures, that's nothing. It's this lack of comfortable sitting that really has me in a tizzy.

I've been sleeping in my underwear, which presents a different challenge. Because I'm an RA and there's a certain lack of privacy, especially when you've given up pants, going to the bathroom in the morning has been interesting. Since I didn't go to sleep until around 6:30 a.m. today, I just scurried down the hall in my underwear, but other days, when I actually sleep like a normal person, I've had to wrap a towel around my waist to hold true to no pants. It would be so easy to just throw on some sweats or shorts...

Regardless of the inconveniences, it's still a lot of fun. Here's what I conjured up for today..

Yellow skirt was thrifted from a Goodwill in Dayton. It's very clearly homemade as the construction is awful, but the color and concept is fabulous. I had to buy it. The belt is thrifted from Harvest Valley Thrift in Opelika, Ala., T-shirt from Forever 21, boots are Steve Madden and the tights, who knows, but, because I had to cross my legs all day, the adjuster-thing on the side of my boots kept catching my tights and ripping them to shreds. Awesome. Thanks, boots.

The weather forecast for the rest of the week is more favorable than it has been, which is excellent. I look forward to see what everyone comes up with and to see what you all think of the day three pants-less fun experiment.

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Tula said...

Re: Running to bathroom in underwear.
Answer: A robe. You can thrift one, silly girl.