Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Pantsless, Day 4: Jillian | The Fashion Dungjen

Today I went where I have never gone before: I worked out … in a skirt. It was surprisingly not very difficult. I wore the flowy beige skirt from Sunday so that I was capable of movement. Add a sports bra and a tank top and I was good to go. Facing fears of the skirt being trapped in the machine and ripping off, I stepped onto the stair master. It did not catch or rip and I discovered that I really like the swish of the skirt on my legs. Even using the weight machines was relatively easy. So lesson learned, I can work out in a skirt. I wouldn’t recommend attempting this activity in a mini skirt though, knee length minimum.

For the rest of the day, I wore a denim mini skirt from Forever 21. I remember when I bought the skirt it came with a tag that said may contain chemicals known to cause cancer in California. I decided that since I was in Ohio it must be ok and bought the skirt anyway. It was cute. Along with the skirt we have an over sized boat neck shirt from Target that I clipped in the back to create a fitted look. I was quite proud of myself for this little bit of ingenuity. Throw some maroon tights and my Steve Maddens into the mix and we have an outfit my friends.

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