Thursday, March 5, 2009

Pantsless, Day 5: Taylor | The Fashion Dungjen

Today was a dressing disaster. I woke up, started to get ready, put on 11 different outfits (not an exaggeration) and finally gave up. And you can tell. I hate everything about this outfit. Yeah, everything. I hate the boots. They're ugly. I hate the shirt with this skirt. I feel like an 80s reject. Cool. Tomorrow, however, I'm ready. I have everything set out and I know exactly what I'm going to wear.

I also made a Target run with Aldawna today. While she was returning some things I moseyed on over to the clothing department. Dun, duh, dun! I saw a very excellent pair of raspberry-colored skinny jeans and snatched them up right away. They're just what I've been looking for! (A season too late, mind you, but there's always fall!) Anyway, as I admired their color and reasonable price tag, I remembered that I could not try them on. It's no pants week. D'oh. Oh, woe is me.

I can't wait to be back in my pants. Seriously. First thing I'm going to do is lay on the ground like I'm making a snow angel. Hallelujah.

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Tula said...

Tay, Really loving this series, with all the photos and comments from the pantless team. Very fun read. good stuff.