Thursday, March 12, 2009

Wedgies | The Fashion Dungjen

Last week I told the readers of The Fashion Dungjen all about my panties problem. During no-pants week I suffered greatly from wedgies. I blame it on the tights. Ugh.

Today, after I did an interview with Tom Canepa, associate vice president of admissions at the University of Cincinnati, he said:

"I really enjoyed your article last week."
"Oh! Which one?" I asked.
"The one about wedgies. I told myself, 'this is why I've worked on a college campus for 30 years. I was talking to my assistant about it last week and then you called to set up this meeting and I told her I was going to have to wait until the end to tease you about it. But I took it home to show my wife."

Some day the things I write are going to get me in trouble.

Anyway, in the article I reference a girl on the front page of the paper, picking a wedgie. And, well, everyone wanted to see, so here ya go:


insomniaclolita said...

It's crazy how people in our lives just mention what we write in our blog in daily conversations just like that :P I usually get a bit panicked :P

Anonymous said...

The fact that none of my real life friends or family read my blog is starting to feel like a blessing.


@insomniaclolita and @thrice The most random people read my column/blog. It's kinda neat though. At least someone is reading. :)