Friday, April 3, 2009

In my white T, day 6: Taylor | The Fashion Dungjen

So, tomorrow's the last day. I'm excited. I have an idea for the next challenge that I think is really promising. Might be more challenging to get people on board, but I know Gina is definitely down for it. Anyway, I'll tell you all about that once I get through the last day of this white T-shirt challenge.

I said I was worried about today and tomorrow because of the SPJ conference. Well, thankfully, the dress is business casual so it's not really a big deal. I'm actually in Columbus with Kristy, the editor in chief of The News Record. We had the meet and greet reception this evening, which was OK. We met quite a few students from different journalism programs in the region. It was incredibly interesting to hear about how different student papers structure their staff and how their journalism programs are ... But, anyway, you're not here to read about that and I'm rambling.

For the reception I had my white T, a gray cardigan, dark skinny jeans and black patent heels. Lots of accessories. Rings, bracelets and a chain bib necklace.

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