Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Questionable campus fashion | The Fashion Dungjen

I love this. You guys rule.

I logged into my Gmail account this morning and was greeted with a reader-provided snapshot of some questionable campus fashion.

I present to you, dear readers, courtesy of Raven Nelson, the Jheri curl mullet:

I would go so far to say that this isn't even a matter of being questionable, but falls right into being a problem. Mullets, Jheri curl mullets at that, should never have been acceptable. My younger brother, Kevyn, had a mullet growing up. Those pictures don't see much daylight. (How curious that is...)

That said, however, some of you might remember - especially if you followed my old blog from last summer, Donotdrinkme, my experience with a Jheri curl...

Oh, Alabama. I will always remember you with such interesting memories. (Please don't hold this against me.)

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Jamie said...

That is one of the most heinous fashion crimes.

insomniaclolita said...

seeing mullets always made me cringe and not in the nice way.