Monday, April 27, 2009

Questionable campus fashion | The Fashion Dungjen

I love baseball. I played softball from the time I was 5 years old until I graduated high school. Growing up, we went to a decent number of Indian's games and they have, and will, always be my favorite baseball team. (Even in spite of their losing record. They're currently 7-12. Hopefully they'll crush Boston tonight. I hate Boston.)

But, as much as I hate the Red Sox, I loathe the Yankees. As a Cleveland-area native, you live and die by an extreme dislike for the weasels up north. (And I say weasels because they don't even have names on their stinkin' uniforms. Come on.)

So, with that said, when I saw one of my friends/residents - who is from north eastern Ohio - wearing a stinkin' Yankees T-shirt, I felt betrayed.

So, Aldawna, you've been shunned. Do yourself a favor and use that thing as a rag.

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