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Can money buy happiness? | The Fashion Dungjen

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Retail therapy is a dirty, dirty thing. Been there, done that. Not feelin' it. It's expensive, impulsive.

My last encounter with retail therapy cost me, oh, you know, approximately $400. Lucky for most people it seems I'm one of the most ridiculous college spenders, or at least according to a few friends.

"I usually don't spend a lot ... 50 bucks maybe," said Raven Nelson via Facebook.

"[I] usually [spend] under $10," said Alyssa Ryan via Facebook.

OK, awesome. So apparently I'm the only one - of those who fessed up - who completely overdoes it. The closest I came to finding anyone who is as extravagant (i.e. unreasonable) as I have been in my spending was Amanda Mecozzi spending $75.

So, what merits retail therapy?

"Retail therapy is merited at any time," said JschoolJunkette via Twitter. "This includes when your retail therapy makes you feel like a shopping addict."

Shopping addict. OK, I'll subscribe to that. but I'm not sure if it takes retail therapy to make me feel like a shopping addict.

When I walked away from my spending spree, I surveyed what I purchased. (My binge was in, like, February, so I don't really remember what I bought, but one thing was a $150 Marc Jacobs purse that I never use.) Nothing of much use, nothing I couldn't have lived without.

What do you buy when using retail therapy to cope?

"Depending on how stressed/sad I am, I will potentially buy waaay more stuff than I can us within 6 months. I've spent over $75 dollars at a time and walked out of Target with crap loads of lip gloss, cleansers, lotion...the list goes on. But it genuinely makes me happy so, whatever. Better than drinking myself into liver disease!!"
-Amanda Mecozzi

"Retail therapy is great, but if I don't feel like going out and I still want to shop, I hit up eBay - which can be dangerous, as I am addicted to expensive camera stuff."
-Alyssa Ryan

"I buy clothes that make me look good and that makes me feel better."
- Raven Nelson

"[Retail therapy] usually consists of $100 budget at some cheap stores ( like XXI ) and a martini afterwards...yup. that does the trick."
-Tifanei Moyer via Twitter

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Phuong Cao said...

I spent around $200 at Kenwood Mall the other day, last Friday to be exact. So don't feel bad, I spend a lot too and I'm pretty much broke--but that's okay cause I still look good broke.