Friday, May 15, 2009

Journalism awards luncheon | The Fashion Dungjen

Last night I spent about, oh, you know, an hour deciding what I was going to wear to today's journalism luncheon. This morning, doing the incredibly intelligent thing, I painted my nails red and then put on the black dress I'd settled on.

Yeah, well, that was smart.

I ended up getting some nail polish on my dress and had to nix that idea.

Instead, I opted for a high waisted black pencil skirt with a white lace-detailed top and black round-toe pumps.

I received two scholarship awards today, the Scripps Howard Foundation's internship scholarship grant and the Mary Linn White scholarship. (Whoohoo!)

It was very excellent, very exciting. Congrats to all my fellow News Record editors who took home an award (or three, if your name is Kristy Conlin).

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Claire said...

CONGRATS on the awards! That is awesome! I'm so proud of you.