Thursday, May 7, 2009

A makeover for Shadow Hare? | The Fashion Dungjen

By now, everyone knows - or should know - of the newest, latest and greatest obsession from the east coast to the west, from the north to the south. If not, you're in for a real treat. For anyone who has lost hope in humanity, there are still people out there who want to make a difference (as silly as it may seem).

So, if you haven't seen him, or simply can't get enough, here's some of the news coverage on Shadow Hare:

It wasn't until I saw a photo of DAAP students on the University of Cincinnati's homepage that showed students had actually made their own super hero costumes that I thought Shadow Hare - although new to the scene - might be ready for a makeover.

I stewed, I thought, I contemplated. What would make Shadow Hare better? With only a few ideas and very little background in comic book geekdom, I turned to the on-campus experts for some help.

“He definitely needs something that is more streamlined,” said Meredith Waddell, a first-year fine arts student. “He needs something more menacing because he tries to stop thugs, so he needs, like, a cape. He has a good idea right now, but he needs to push it further to look more professional.”

Waddell (left) also suggested Shadow Hare might need ears affixed to his mask. He is a hare, after all.

Other UC students agreed that an additional play off of his alter ego.

"I'm thinking whiskers," said Ariel Cheung, via Twitter.

And what about the cape? Should he have one? Should not? In a comment on The News Record's Web site, a Shadow Hare fanatic thinks the cape is world class.

"So, go Shadow Hare! Fight the good fight!!! I saw you today (05-07-09), and I was impressed. Love the way the cape fluttered behind you on the Segway as you raced down Court Street," said Martin M. Wilkinson.

If you've seen today's column, you already know I'm asking everyone to make over Cincinnati's own hero: Shadow Hare.

I'm asking people to send me sketches, collages, pictures or whatever you can put together to depict what you
think Shadow Hare's aesthetic should look like.

Already this morning one e-mail suggested Shadow Hare, instead of spandex, should wear a motorcycle jacket since they're meant to withstand impacts up to 60 mph. I think that's brilliant.

And then there are those in different countries, just catching wind of our furry friend.

"I am a second-year engineering student with a friend enrolled in fashion. After I read that "Shadow Hare" (who I had never heard of before yesterday) had gotten a dislocated shoulder while being a good Samaritan I thought of how that could have been prevented," said an anonymous commenter on TNR's Web site. "Theoretically, Nylon is better than sweat pants but honestly, if he wants genuine protection he's going to have to accept some weight. I've got a couple of materials that are lighter than Kevlar but to give him adequate safety against from an unbalanced person with an exacto knife - he needs to be willing to sport an extra, oh 10 to 20 pounds. His mask could be replaced with a fiberglass helmet."

But engineers and fashion design students don't come cheap.

"My prof has the equipment to custom make one, but I would need his measurements - ideally, he could drop by UBC in Vancouver and I could make the whole thing for him there in about 1-2 weeks. Probably mid August, but you never what might come up. I have to admit though that I don't work pro-bono. $8 Canadian/hour so probably $640 Canadian i.e $550 US," the commenter said.

What do you think? If you happen to be a UC student or someone who visits campus from time-to-time, drop off your rendition of Shadow Hare to The
News Record office, 509 Swift Hall, or digitize what you have and shoot me an e-mail:

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