Thursday, May 21, 2009

Mall rats | The Fashion Dungjen

Aldawna and I went to the mall today in search of the perfect cocktail party outfit. My party - or the one I'm attending, anyway - is May 30, which just happens to be several days before my 21st birthday. I'm lacking an outfit and had some unoccupied time this afternoon so I recruited my dear and honest friend to go shopping with me.

Countless circles through Kenwood Towne Centre didn't get us anywhere. In fact, this was my second trip to the mall to try to find somethin to wear. Each time a huge disappointment.

This time, at least, I found some really great looking merchandise and a really flattering display. I'd love to share what I found..

I guess the designer of this shoe really took to heart Michael Jackson's "Black or White." If you're trying to match it don't matter if you're black or white.

After seeing this display - which demonstrates how these pants can shape your butt - I realized I need to buy a pair in every color.

Several ways to describe what is happening here:
1) My rear end looks like my butt crack skipped dinner and it's eating my pants.
2) Camel toe from behind.
3) Chronic elongated butt wedgie.

Any other butt jokes to add to the list?

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