Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Questionable campus fashion | The Fashion Dungjen

It's been a few days since we've had some questionable campus fashion to post. So, good friends, today I come with several installments for your viewing [dis]pleasure while I procrastinate the last 200 words of my history essay.

The first faux-pas I bring to you is courtesy of Jillian. You might know her. She's a frequent contributor to QCF, she also won the bra bust contest. All around, Jillian is a good woman.

She sent me these few picture messages today, and, upon receiving them, I thought the girl had put on some terrifyingly hideous knee-length dress to wear over her denim. Fortunately, sort of, I was wrong. It turns out the gross garment in question is actually a jacket. One that Jillian described to me as being "band-like" with large gold buttons.

Still, not really what I would call a winning garment.

What do you all think of the solid and stripped jacket (especially paired with that bag)?

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