Thursday, June 18, 2009

Portland: Day 1 | The Fashion Dungjen

I'm finally in Portland. I feel like I've been in countdown mode for the last six months (when it's really only been about two and a half months). I worked up the nerve to try and conquer the Portland public transportation system today and go downtown by myself. After one screw up (aka getting on the wrong bus and going the opposite direction) I managed to get downtown and back to the apartment without any problems. I'll basically be a pro by the end of the week. (Or at least will go the right direction.)

Instead of just day one stuff, I have en route photos to share, all taken with my phone. (I was kicking myself all day for not having my camera with me when I went downtown.)


Mom took me shopping for grown up girl clothes. I managed to get a pair of fun tennis shoes out of her too. I think I should go away more often.

On my first flight, from Dayton to Houston, I was on a puddle jumper (or piddle jumper, if you're my mom and trying to make a joke) and sitting next to the bathroom. I was worried someone was going to take a massive dump and I'd have to breathe through a hand towel or something. Luckily, there were no stinky poops. Since I was in the last row, I was sitting right next to one of the engines - it was incredibly loud and I couldn't even listen to my iPod because I couldn't hear a single thing.

This plot of farm land in Houston reminded me of a dinosaur. Awesome!


I've never actually seen the photo enforced traffic lights so I was pretty shocked to see they actually exist.

I was walking around and saw this cute little park so I sat down and did some people watching for a little while. It's kind of split by a road with the nice reindeer statue/fountain.

I'm going back downtown tomorrow for more public transportation/exploring and actually bringing my camera. Now, though, it's 10:36 p.m. in Portland, which means, to my body, it's 1:36 a.m. and way past my bedtime.


rachelynn said...

i missssssss you oregonian. sounds like you are going to have fun. keeeeeeep me in your brain.

loves and loves. and suck it.

Anonymous said...

Those photo enforced signs are in Cleveland! Come on!