Saturday, July 11, 2009

Peculiar Portland fashion | The Fashion Dungjen

My family is in this week visiting from Ohio. My aunt and uncle came in Friday afternoon so I've been spending some good old quality time with them. Today my aunt called, said, "We bought you a donut and we're coming to pick you up." Score. We first went to Saturday Market. Then the Mississippi Street Fair, Hood River and Mosier for some cherry picking.

The Mississippi Street Fair was definitely better than I had anticipated. There were a few questionable fashion statements I'd like to share...

Drop-crotch pants are never a good idea and they're even less of a good idea when they're a onesie.
I think this woman is supposed to be a mermaid. I'm not quite sure though. Maybe she's on her way to prom...?

He wins best dressed.


Elizabeth said...

the drop crotch onesie is impressively awful. good find!

Anonymous said...

doesn't my ass look great in my ba by blue mermaid dress?