Monday, September 7, 2009

There's no place like ... home? (And scarves) | The Fashion Dungjen

That's actually not true. In fact, I'm not really sure what you can call home when you don't really live anywhere. You see, I lived in Wadsworth, Ohio (Northeast Ohio), for 18 years (one month and eight days), my parents' house is in Springboro, Ohio (Southwest), and I go to school in Cincinnati, come next Tuesday, I'll be in my fourth location. So, what's home? I certainly don't know, but, for now, I'll consider these photos of my time in Akron last week pictures of home.

Gina and I went on several photo adventures when I was home. The first batch are from a big ol' park in Medina, Ohio, although I forget what it's called. I'll hope Gina sees this and fills in the blank. We traipsed and, when Gina lost her green phone in meadow, I used my regrettably fantastic vision to find it. (I want glasses so badly.)

My favorite vest. It's suede. I bought if for $1 when I visited my parents in Springboro for the first time after they moved. It needs to be dry cleaned.

My favorite scarf. Thrifted in Dayton, Ohio. I hate that 'thrifted' always shows up as a misspelled word.

Loved Gina's earrings.
I also love her ring which looks a lot like a Pringle. On the grass/thing is an egg sac. Gina tried to break it open but it didn't work. Good thing. I think it was spiders.

Again, Gina has some wonderful earrings. And I love the blue of the scarf. So good. This photo, and the photo below, are from our adventure to Clay Mountain in Medina. I don't actually think there was a mountain, but we had to walk down railroad tracks and through the woods to find a river valley. It became dark about 5 minutes after we started which made the entire adventure really interesting.

Oma gave me this black floral scarf; her sister, Monika, gave it to her when she last visited Germany. Visiting Oma definitely has many perks. Regifting scarves is one of them.

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