Monday, October 12, 2009

Curly hair | The Fashion Dungjen

If everyone with straight hair is so damn jealous of curly hair, and everyone with curly hair is growing to like it more, why is it so impossible to find pictures of women with naturally curly hair? I need inspiration for styling and haircuts, but it doesn't seem to exist. Does anyone else share my frustrations?

If you have curly hair, please send me pictures to I'm going to do a blowout with great curly hair -- make it a resource for all girls in the same predicament. A database of curly hair, if you will. Be a part of the project!

And, if you have friends with curly hair, spread the word!


Abby said...

werd. i am so down with this project. i will scare up some photos.

Lauren L. Dillard said...

I can't say my hair has been cut professionally in the last 3 years, but It's sure curly. I'll look for a photo or two.