Thursday, December 17, 2009

Bows, bows, bows! | The Fashion Dungjen

I'm not sure when it started, but lately I've had a thing for anything with a bow. Maybe it's because there's an almost really cute pair of white gold diamond bow earrings at work (I'd prefer them in yellow gold and without diamonds.) that turned me on to them. Maybe it was an old picture I'd seen of myself (high school) with a big coral bow in my hair. I wish I knew where that was.

Whatever it was, I'm obsessed. Here are some of my favorite bow accessories I found on Etsy.

a- Headband, $39
b- Red bow pin, $20
c- Three-bow pin, $55
d-Bow necklace, $12
e- Studded bow necklace, $34
f- Vintage pearl and bow necklace, $70
g- bow cuff, $42
h- bow and lace necklace, $27
i-coral bow pin, $32
j- huge bow, $10
k- floral bow necklace, $10
l- turquoise bow, $30
m- hair bow, $8.99
n- gloves, $28
o- hair pin, $8
p- bow and chain, $30


Jillian said...

the shoes i wore to prom were black and looked like bows with small polka dots excpet the polka dots were actually rhine stones i loved them from the moment i saw them


Jillian, you always have the most fun shoes. You'd LOVE the pair I bought earlier this week. I'll post a photo tonight!