Friday, December 18, 2009

Gingerbread boys and girls | The Fashion Dungjen

I wanted to make some seriously stylish gingerbread boys and girls today. I tried. I did not conquer. It's a lot harder to pipe on the clothes than I thought. Here are some of the results:

Here's Suzi, a little fashionista with a blue bow and matching belt.

My sister made this one. She says it's a tourist. That red blob is supposed to be a hat.

My sister made this one too. He's a "fellow in yellow."

Kasey made this Santa.

Kasey made this old lady, Dorothy.

She also made this "nerd."

This is Kasey's "ho" cookie.

Men in bow ties. Cute.

Fred the corporate amputee.


Kasey's bride. We were also watching Platinum Weddings while decorating. It might have been her inspiration.

The unsatisfied business man.

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Tula said...

I love the names of the cookies as much as the cookies themselves. Wonder what grandma would think.