Monday, October 20, 2008

Almost fabulous | The Fashion Dungjen

The day I ran into Alex was the same day I ran into my friend Courey McLemore, a fourth-year journalism student. We met last Winter Quarter in Kathy Wilson's columns and reviews class. I really liked her ensemble the first time she showed up to class and had to comment. Having a fierce vintage bag will help you make friends.

When I first saw Courey crossing in front of Swift Hall on the University of Cincinnati's main campus I loved her sassy outfit. The bright top and bold earrings help to set off her dark (what I originally thought were jeans) and cowboy boots. While I love cowboy boots it's sometimes easy to overdo them in an all-too-Western inspired outfit; you should look as though you are expecting a tumble weed to blow through campus. Courey has it right here. The rest of the outfit is fun but simple. She's able to play down the boots with the solid top making it the statement piece.

I also love Courey's Fendi bag. I'm not big and hell-bent on labels, but I can appreciate a good bag when I see one. If I had to swap bag collections with anyone I knew, Courey would be at the top of my list.

With all the good things to say about what Courey was wearing, it wouldn't be right for me to leave out the fact that I thought her bottoms were really dark skinny jeans. As I've said more times than I can count, leggings are not pants. I've been bamboozled by the pseudo denim, but still, I have to object; leggings are not pants, leggings are not pants, leggings are not pants.

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Danielle said...

Nice to know we can still find some people who know how to put themselves together. Glad your here to provide the critiques on style that leaves me (and I am not alone) befuddled or horrified. Just promise me that suspenders are not coming back or broom skirts suddenly become fashionable again. Perpetrators should be subject to hang outside the dressing rooms of fashion shops while their mothers, fathers, girlfriends, and siblings attempt to put together a trendy outfit.