Wednesday, October 22, 2008

No swimming in these shoes | The Fashion Dungjen

Today I went to my American Politics class. It was fine, great, awesome. As I half listened to my professor drone on about the only 27 amendments ever made to the Constitution, I noticed my friend Gina Gaetano, a first-year journalism and political science student, was wearing slippers.

Slippers to class? Gina, I thought I taught you better than that.

This is Gina. I really love her chunky red sweater, especially with the super-dark jeans. But, the slipper boots take the comfy-chic ensemble and make it look less put together, dare I say, sloppy.

The boots, while relatively sassy in their own way have been put back together on multiple occasions, according to Gina. She also said she can only wear them outdoors when there is no report of rain; clearly it would be devastating to the house boots. If water will prevent you from wearing these outside, my dear Gina, I'll be right back with a hose. Or a watering can. Or a cup of water. Maybe I'll just shove you into a shower somewhere.

"No swimming in these shoes," she said.

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Cran said...

Taylor! I have a pair of those boots, they're called mucklucks. I got them at a hippie store in Dallas. They have soles on the bottom specifically so that students that have to wear closed toed, soled shoes to lab can wear them! I know, you learn something new every day!