Saturday, November 15, 2008

Do Your Crotch Hang Low? | The Fashion Dungjen

My crotch is fine just where it's at, thank you. For fashion blogger Susie (Style Bubble), her crotch hangs low. Really, really low. In a new blog entry about her experience with the new Commes des Garcons collection at H&M, she posted photos of her new harem pants to showcase its "versatility."

I have never, will never, can't ever understand how anyone can think these are attractive. Do these pants not look like they would lend themselves to chaffing. I stand firm in my decision to never wear these, to never think about wearing them. In fact, if I ever see a woman trying them on, I will say, "Ma'am, excuse me, but you look like you have udders."

Check out the column I wrote about harem pants last February!

What do you think? Harem pants: yes or no? Do you own any? Have you ever worn them? What's it like? Is it ultra breezy? What's the deal?