Monday, November 10, 2008

Girl Talk | The Fashion Dungjen

For anyone in Cincinnati that was lucky enough to catch the Girl Talk show at Bogart's last night, I'm sure you noticed some of the same things my friends and I noticed.

The venue was swarming with awkward outfits, enough to make me pull out my phone and text a memo to myself so I wouldn't forget to write about it. I find now, though, I don't even need the memo now. Everyone I've talked to about the show has said the same thing, "Did you see the girl on stage with floppy boobs?!"
As a frequent concert-goer and crazy dance enthusiast, I have one bit of advice, OK, more than one, but for now, just one: wear a bra that fits.

This girl's bra either unlatched itself or fell off, either way, my guess is that her bra was ill-fitting and didn't mix well with the on stage lets-dance-on-each-other girl-on-girl grind fest during Krak Attack (who, by the way, is horrible).

One woman even looked to me, probably saw that I was horrified as the cups to the bra fell further and further, and commented on how degrading the whole thing was and how the girls on stage have no self-respect. Whatever, lady. I'm not even worried about that right now. The girl in the coral American Apparel deep V-neck T-shirt looks like she has seriously legitimate side boob.

Then there were the girls in the
lamé mini skirts on stage during Girl Talk's set.

Clad in American Apparel clothing, the skirts covered just enough to meet decency standards, and even then could be debatable.

On one hand, the girls in these skirts (the one in the above photo) were lucky because they had the opportunity to be on stage dancing with about 30 other people (in different colors, of course). The flip side to that, is they flashed their zebra and neon colored underwear to a sold-out venue. Whoopsies, ladies. At least we can all be thankful that you were wearing underwear.

*Disclaimer: I am not an artist.

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