Thursday, November 13, 2008

Incriminating Photos | The Fashion Dungjen

Cell phones armed with cameras are a great thing as much as they are a scary thing. Fortunately for me, my friends use them to help out with my blogging efforts by taking pictures on their phones of fashion misfortunes. Today they were really looking out because I received not one photo, but two.

I don't want to be greedy, so for your viewing pleasure, I present to you two very differently dressed ladies.

My friend Aldawna sent me this photo today. Lets examine exactly what is going on here. Better yet, lets examine what's not going on here: coverage. The dress is a little bit on the short side. While I didn't see this girl walking across campus, Aldawna said she was constantly pulling the dress down to cover her unmentionables. I'm not really digging her knee-high Timberland boots either. The proportions of this outfit are off on every piece. The dress is too snug and too short, the boots are too tall; even the jacket doesn't look like it fits all that well.

Here's a different kind of interesting, submitted by my friend Deanna. The knee-high green socks, paired with the black, chunky, harsh Pilgrim-like shoes, the flowy brown skirt and the structured brown jacket confuses me a little bit. I'm not opposed to mixing flowy, delicate pieces with more structured pieces, but the hard black shoes don't do this girl any favors. Matched with the green socks, it's a little too Mayflower Compact or fifth grade Catholic school girl. And school girl may be most appropriate; it looks like her bag is one of those Arctic Cool lunch boxes.

If you see an on- or off-campus fashion disaster (or maybe someone dressed really well), don't hesitate to take a photo and submit it to
. If you can, please include at least your first name and where you spotted the fashion assailant.

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