Thursday, November 20, 2008

Ring-a-ling | The Fashion Dungjen

I found out my favorite ring broke today. I don't really know what happened, but I was cleaning, or at least picking up the three tons of dirty laundry, and found it on my couch in two pieces. I am heartbroken and now I'm in the market for a new, large, very large, ring. Know of any good ones? (That aren't outrageously overpriced.)

In light of its death and destruction, I'm paying it tribute by posting a photo of it, and then posting pictures of the rest of my rings! I'm a little obsessed. With all of them. Hands down, they are my favorite accessories.

The carnage.

This ring, like most of the ones featured here, was given to me by my Oma. It's 14 karat white gold, though I'm not sure what the stone is. It's a pale, sea foam green color. I'll have to ask Mom.

Again, given to me by Oma. No clue what the stones are, and the shank isn't stamped, but it's pretty anyway. And old. Really old.

This ring used to belong to my mom. It's 14 karat gold with pearls and tiny diamonds. I don't wear it often because the ends are sharp and poke my finger. No fun.

This is one of my favorites. It was given to me by Oma. It's turquoise and silver. I love the leaf detail on the right side of the ring. I get lots of compliments on it.

I bought this at Macy's. Awesome, right? It's mother of pearl and sterling silver. Lucky Brand.

This is from Oma also. A 14 karat gold filigree ring. Fabulous!

I hope you enjoyed my little collection. I have a few more that I can't find, but I'm almost positive they're in the pile of jewelry I've thrown into a little drawer.

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