Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Scarves! | The Fashion Dungjen

The high temperature for today is 39 degrees. That's cold.

Considering the University of Cincinnati campus simulates a wind tunnel and is on one of the highest points in Cincinnati, it's probably going to feel like 25 degrees outside when the air whips you like a wacky wind sock.

There is only so much a winter coat can do. That's what scarves are for.

I have a problem where I hoard scarves. Mostly fashion scarves and not ones that are practical for cold weather, but at least they're nice to look at.

But when my head starts twitching from the cold, the aesthetic that was there before as a result of the pretty scarf is not only gone, it's been punched in the face and knocked into next week. You feel me?

Anyway, I'm on a quest for the perfect scarf. Never mind if it will go with my jacket, I'm just concerned about my neck for now. I can worry about which coat to wear later.

On I found some fabulous scarves that I would like to share with everyone and see what the general opinion is. Basically, I'm asking you what do you think I should ask Mom and Dad to buy me out of pity? (They never see me and always feel compelled to buy me stuff ... sort of. Mommy, Daddy, if you're reading this, I still love you ... sort of.)

I present, fabulous scarf number one. This Etsy seller is based out of Atlanta, Ga., so I'm wondering why she makes such great scarves. Atlanta is hot. I'm not going to question it so much, I'm glad she produces these over sized, super cozy looking masterpieces. I think I could properly keep my entire body warm with that bad boy. Selling for $99, I'm going to have to get a sugar daddy or pretend to cry in front of my daddy.

While there are plenty of other marvelous scarves across the many pages of Etsy, I'm about ready to fall face first onto my laptop from exhaustion.

It's bedtime, baby.

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