Monday, November 24, 2008

Seller Spotlight: CONTEST | The Fashion Dungjen

So, here's the deal:

Karen from Retired Records - see below post - was kind enough to donate one of her incredibly awesome and unique necklaces from her store to give away to one lucky reader. It could be YOU! All you have to do is answer the question below and submit the answer in a comment to this post by Monday, Dec. 1 at noon. The winner will be announced that evening.

The necklace is a one-of-a-kind, completely environmentally friendly and 100 percent handmade piece of art. Generally her necklaces sell for about $25, but if you win, it's all yours ... for FREE.

Anyway, onto the question:

Because Karen's designs are influenced by and created from recycled records, tell me how music inspires you. Does it inspire you to dance? Create art? Write? Sing? What kind of music do you find is most influential?

You have until noon, Monday, Dec. 1. GO, GO, GO!


Anonymous said...

Hello. My name is Melinda R. Hershey, and my response to the contest is as follows:

I am inspired by all music in all ways. Well, most music in all ways. I use brooding, sexual music to inspire me to write. I use pop and techno to inspire me to work out and/or dance. I use rap to inspire me to strut my shit, sometimes around campus (oftentimes with unfavorable results.) I listen to sad music when I'm sad, happy music when I'm happy, and sometimes sad music when I'm happy if I feel like I am becoming too happy and need to take it down a notch. I listen to angry music sometimes, but not too often. If I'm listening to angry music, I'm probably in a room with Taylor Dungjen, as she has a strong affinity for all things screamo and death-metal. But seriously. I do enjoy music. My favorite type of music is music that makes me feel something I can't put a name to. It feels like a small orgasm in your chest. It makes you want to smile and cry simultaneously for absolutely no reason, other than the fact that you need to do something with yourself upon listening to it, but don't have the proper emotional capacity to do so. I like music that brings me back to earth and makes me look around. Basically, I like songs that make ordinary things extraordinary, because this world that we find ourselves in IS extraordinary, and I think music helps bring us out of our self-absorbed desensitized shells that we so often find ourselves in. Music for the win.

Alyssa Ryan said...

(Hi TD!)

My name is Alyssa Ryan.

I think that music is an important piece of everyone's lives. As a Teaching Assistant at Texas Tech University, I use and am inspired by music frequently. I find all music to be inspirational in its own way.

I use music in my personal life in the following ways: When writing a paper, I usually listen to pop/hip hop music. It gives me a good beat that somehow motivates me to keep on trucking through those 20 page papers. When cleaning my apartment, I listen to indie and alternative music. When I drive (especially long distances), I listen to techno music because it gets my blood pumping and makes me less likely to get upset at other drivers. I like to listen to Radiohead when I am writing creatively because of their unique combination of sound and lyrics.

I also have found that music is useful in an academic setting. In order to teach the First Year Composition students how to paraphrase an article, we taught them about paraphrasing by having them paraphrase song lyrics. This was helpful because they have a hard time thinking about how to put theory into their own words, but they understood the assignment when they were faced with the challenge of restating the idea of a song that they were familiar with. It was also interesting to see the different interpretations that the students had to offer.

Overall, I think that music enriches lives and inspires the soul, and it can be a tool to teach people. Music is frequently used to reach out to other people, and I think that any occurrence of two people connecting or coming to an understanding because of a song is something truly fantastic.