Saturday, December 6, 2008

Seller Spotlight: CONTEST | The Fashion Dungjen

Lauren and Lisa - Mere et fille - are a fabulous mother-daughter duo. Lucky for us, they're as generous as they are fabulous. They have offered to donate this necklace, vis a brun.

To enter to win the necklace, leave a comment on this entry answering the following question by noon, Wednesday, Dec. 10:

What is the most outrageous thing on your wish list this year! Don't worry, the most outrageous the better!

Hurry! Enter! Go! Win!


Rachel said...

perfect present for any lover of the potassium-packed yellow fruit... and I am.

so thankful for the brilliant minds behind this invention, you know?

what could be more purposive on my wish list than a case for my banana...

i do hope santa deems me worthy of receiving such a delightful present!

oh, the ingenuity.

Alex Rollins said...

I want a date with Robert Pattinson. (Actor in the Twilight movie)...I know LAME!

Anonymous said...

A trip to Australia from Texas.
Yeah, not going to happen.
But hey!

ashleykinel said...

On my Christmas list this year, the thing I want most is an engagement ring from Cartier.

However, I know this isn't possible this year at least so I guess it's going on my next list as well! Plus, Cartier is expensive but a girl can dream right?!