Saturday, December 6, 2008

Seller Spotlight: Mere et fille | The Fashion Dungjen

I couldn’t imagine working with my mom. I’m pretty sure we would drive one another up a wall and we would both quit before we started.

Lauren Kelly, 22, and Lisa Baker, 39, is a mother-daughter duo that works together and seems to work together well. Even in simple e-mails, you can tell they have a sense of humor.

“My mother, Lisa, just celebrated her second 39th birthday this year. I probably shouldn’t have mentioned that,” Lauren wrote.

Together they worked together to create Mere et fille (mother and daughter for you non-Francophone’s out there) to put together incredibly unique jewelry.

A recent graphic design graduate of the College of Mount St. Joseph, Lauren’s love for art was nurtured from a young age by her mother as they indulged in creative hobbies and frequented local craft shows. Now, art isn’t just her major, it’s what kelps keep Lauren sane.

“Life, especially as a college student, is crazy and unpredictable,” Lauren said. “It’s crucial to have something to focus on outside of school and work that you’re passionate about.”

Their joint passion for creating art has paid off for the two in a big way. Since opening Mere et fille in August, stales have been steady and they’ve networked with artists all over the world – they even refer to Etsy as their extended family.

And it’s a good thing they’re networking globally, “Watch out, we’re aiming for global domination,” Lauren warns.

The jewelry the two women put together is organic, vintage, bohemian chic. A combination that never fails. (This is abundantly clear if you take a few minutes to scan all of the items Lauren and Lisa have listed in their store. I want everything. Literally, everything.)

Many of their pieces of jewelery – whether it be a necklace, earrings, bracelets or rings – is repurposed from vintage finds or from some of the most unlikely places.

“My fiancé is an electrician and I am constantly going through his toolboxes and buckets looking for elements I can use to make unique jewelry [after cleaning it, of course],” Lauren said. “I love doing that most; finding and using unusual and unexpected material in my work.”

In addition to jewelery, the duo also creates and sells unique and original works of art. They are generally colorful and personal.

Mere et fille allows their customers to choose a name or word that means something special to them and have a piece of art created around that word. With that, the art is more personal and “they are able to have an emotional connection to the art.”

Mere et fille is also joining a number of other local artists at a new Cincinnati-area store, Beehive Co-op, that promotes buying local goods.

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