Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Seller Spotlight: CONTEST | The Fashion Dungjen

I love purses, bags and clutches. Really, I do.

I never thought I would be particularly fond of a print bag until Gary, the mastermind of RedAntCreations, donated this mod-print bag for a new contest.

I love the gray, white, black and green combination of this bag; it looks like spring though the colors are still practical for transitioning through every season. It takes a special kind of bag to do that. Plus, this bad boy has a full black lining. Score!

To win this bag, post a comment on this entry by noon on Monday, Dec. 8 by answering the following question:

What is the weirdest thing you carry in your purse or wallet?

Go, go, go! The winner will be announced some time after noon Monday, Dec. 8.


Anonymous said...

i have about fifty thousand packs of gum and a lot of hand sanitizer and lotion. hand products. i also have a notebook where i write down things such as weird names of people i call at the call center. (V.Gina Uible, anyone?) Also, a Kurt Vonnegut book and some stamps. and love notes and candy wrappers. basically, my life. which is weird enough in itself.

Ashley Cranston said...

Purse: There is always an array of everything needed in there. Usually, there is some oatmeal & hot chocolate for those early mornings at work. Tons of pens, chapsticks, planner, paycheck stubs, nail polishes, gum, nail clippers, tweezers, reciepts, birth control, necklaces, earrings, glasses, contact case... wow, that's not even all of it! I pretty much live out of my purse!

Jillian Strunk said...

I have a very large amazing bag. I carry all sorts of things in it. I won't go into detail because I hope to be a spotlight on What's in Your Bag. :D
I would say the most unusual thing in my bad at the moment is a guardian angel stone. I carry it with me everywhere. It's kind of a good luck charm. My aunt bought me the clear stone with the angel figure inside for me as a part of my graduation present.

carolyn g said...

The weirdest thing I have in my purse is this charm given to me by my great aunt. It's this weird hand in silver. Apparently it's supposed to bring good luck.

giantspeedy AT yahoo DOT com

Dumaurier said...

I carry a set of my husband's dog tags, Its just something I've done since we first dated

nape said...

In my wallet I carry a $2 win ticket for the famous racehorse, "Cigar," from a race at Arlington Park, Illinois. I didn't cash the ticket. It's a great memento of a great day.

xoxo Ariel said...

weirdest things?

a white rock that i thought was cool

a pet rock my friend got me as a joke last summer (wow... no wonder my purse is so heavy!)

rubber band bracelets that are shaped like animals (kangaroo, elephant, rhino...)

a fuzzy, light up purple pen with Ariel the Little Mermaid perched on top. :)

Rachel said...

well taylor, we have emptied the contents of my purse before they eyes of any interested reader of the dungjen blogfest.

BUT i am sad to say that the unique item that i usually carry in my purse was out on loan to a good friend of mine.

Catch Phrase.

it is the perfect item to have handy at all times.

think about how many awkward encounters i have each day and conversations that need to be livened up. i see those as prime opportunities to
... whip it out!!

i either perpetuate the awkwardness or make a new friend. either way, it makes me happy.

warning: catch phrase in a large purse does have its risks. be sensitive to the fact that pressure can activate the timer at any moment. not all are familiar with the accelerando beep of the game, potentially giving people the impression that you are in possession of a bomb. also, not all professors will be amused if there is an accidental beep session during class. carry at your own risk.

Alex Rollins said...

My McLovin fake Id from super bad. haha