Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Seller Spotlight: RedAntCreations | The Fashion Dungjen

When it comes to sewing, no matter how much I try, I’m kind of a lost cause. And by kind of a lost cause, I mean, it’s pretty my hopeless.

Last year, when I was living in University Park Apartments with a couple of my best friends I tried to sew some pillow cases. Let’s just say we didn’t keep them out when we had company and they didn’t really stick around long.

For some people, they have a natural ability to be patient at a sewing machine and an unnatural ability to sew in straight lines.

Gary Berkowitz of RedAntCreations on is one of those people.

Gary, a writing tutor at the University of Cincinnati’s Center for Access and Transition, started sewing in August. (Yeah, August, as in just four months ago.) Since learning how to sew, he’s created his online business for extra income.

Looking at Gary’s work you would never know he had just recently picked up sewing.

“I had a sewing machine and took it as a challenge,” Gary said.

In order to create the bags – each takes about five hours to make – his wife selects fabrics and patterns while Gary pulls everything together.

Even crazier than being a novice seamstress, Gary has never had any real interest in fashion though is bags would suggest otherwise. (In fact, Gary has his Ph.D. in classics which he earned from UC.)

Most bags are in funky, modern printed fabrics and are lined with a solid color for contrast; the workmanship is impeccable.

“I really want to deviate from patterns,” Gary said. “I would rather never use another pattern again. I like to put myself into bags. I made one that was fur on the outside and satin on the inside. It was pretty wild.”

Gary draws his love for art and inspiration from his earlier works; 2-dimensional art carvings and charcoal drawings.

Though he enjoys making bags to sell on Etsy, don’t expect to see any of this other mediums for sale; those are strictly personal.

Next on Gary’s agenda: take a class in the College of Design, Architecture, Art and Planning in pattern making and perhaps branch out into clothing.

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Jen said...

Taylor, this is really interesting. Oh, and btw, I said that I was the author of your blog when I accidentally hit the wrong tab on facebook. I searched and searched and couldn't find a way to undo my mistake. But at least I'm taking credit for writing I enjoy!