Monday, January 19, 2009

Guilty pleasure | The Fashion Dungjen

Everyone has a guilty pleasure: terrible 90s pop songs, radio hip-hop, Roseanne re-runs.

We all have an article of clothing that is a little off the wall, it's just that some are a little more tolerable or wearable than others.

Mine, well, I'm not sure if mine falls into the 'tolerable' or 'wearable' categories, but I love it and wear it with reckless abandon. Sarcastic or serious, it always gets a lot of feedback.

I present to you the $1 polar bear thrift store sweat shirt:

How can you say no to hugging polar bears...?

Do you have a fashion-related guilty pleasure? If yes, please share!

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emily lang said...

i have a really ugly vest i used to love to wear. plaid, mustard... i still so it's ugly hipster chic. if i ever lose 10 lbs i'll wear it again too.