Monday, January 5, 2009

Happy Monday, my friends! | The Fashion Dungjen

Today, Monday, Jan. 5, is the first day back in class for most University of Cincinnati students. Normally I would bitch and moan about having to get up for class. But nope, not today.

A few different, unrelated happenings contribute to this lack of the Monday blues, but one of them is most definitely this day-by-day calendar that my parents picked out (Well, OK, my dad picked out. He did all the shopping this year. He also did an unusually good job, actually.) and bought me for Christmas.

Every day there is a new purse for me to stare at. Oh, Daddy, you know me so well! Today's bag is a bamboo and net collapsible basket from the 70s. I'd carry one with me to Findlay Market. I think that would be fabulous. Am I right?

Have a wonderful Monday, my friends!

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