Thursday, January 22, 2009

Michelle Obama: Winner | The Fashion Dungjen

Since Tuesday's Inauguration of President Barack Obama, I've heard less about Guantanamo Bay and more about each of Michelle Obama's different outfits. This last election was an important one for our country, but with Michelle as the new First Lady, the next four years will be important for fashion as well.

The New York Times has said Michelle might be the saving grace for the fashion industry - if things keep up, that will probably be mostly true. (Especially if she keeps dressing her daughters in adorable, yet affordable, clothes.)

Here's my take on Michelle's Inaugural garb:

I wasn't a fan of Michelle's Isabel Toledo lemon-grass yellow shift dress and matching jacket from the Inaugural ceremony. It was a little too much matchy-matchy for my tastes, a little too Jackie-O. While I wasn't keen on the dress and jacket, I, unlike some of my fellow editors at The News Record, I loved her gloves. I thought the green was a nice contrast to the lemon yellow. The shoes on the other hand...

According to an Associated Press poll, 88 percent of the 835 adults surveyed approved of Michelle's gown choice for the Inaugural Ball. Jason Wu, the 26-year-old newbie fashion designer, designed the gown specifically for Michelle. However, like the rest of curious fashion crusaders, he had no idea what she would be wearing to the ball. (Toledo was also kept in the dark about what Michelle would wear to the Inauguration.)

I happen to fall into the 88 percent of people who love Michelle's dress. I think it's very feminine and chic. Yes, it's a little unconventional for a first lady, but so what? Isn't that why everyone is so amped about Michelle in the first place? She's doing things a little differently and it's awesome. I don't see any ugly pant suits or conservative skirt suits in this bodacious babe's future.

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