Monday, January 5, 2009

Newbies | The Fashion Dungjen

I did a little shopping during break. (And by a little shopping I mean WAY too much shopping.) Obviously. Here are some rings I acquired. The two on the ends are from Kay Jewelers, where I work seasonally. My parents bought the blue one on the right for me for Christmas and I bought myself the brown ring. The center is from a small vendor in Akron who had a kiosk in the mall. I wear that one on my thumb. It's great.

I didn't buy all of these on break .. just the "Viva la Juicy" and the bigger bottle of Gwen Stephani's "Baby" scent. I love them all. Betsey Johnson's fragrance is in the background ... just in case you're curious! (Buying me perfume and big rings is easily one o the fastest ways to earn serious brownie points. I'm just gonna throw that out there..!)

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