Thursday, January 22, 2009

Scorecard | The Fashion Dungjen

It's nice outside, about 42 degrees, and I guess I'm not the only one who is now in the mood for Spring.

The New York Times has taken fashion critiques from Women's Wear Daily, The International Hearald Tribune, and the NYT to compile a score card of women's spring 2009 fashion from more than 200 designers.

What a great idea, seriously. I hope someone at the Times got a nice big pat on the back for that one. Or maybe a new outfit. Whatever their compensation, after compiling all of that information and pouring over thousands of runway photos, I would have a hard time deciding what to buy first!

Here's a little taste:

Boy by Band of Outsiders | designer: Scott Sternberg | slide show
  • “more ambitious options than [Sternberg's] usual riffs on the tomboy-schoolgirl look” (
  • Sternberg, whose goal is ‘cool, easy dressing,’ is on to something: His Boy clothes are on the chic side of preppy” (WWD)
I want to emulate everything from this Boy by Band of Outsiders collection. Someone might need to bring me a drool bucket...

To check out the full score card, click here!

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