Thursday, January 1, 2009

Welcome back to the Web | The Fashion Dungjen

For the last week I have been spending time with old friends in North Eastern Ohio. I holed myself up in Oma's house although she's been in Europe since Aug. 18. (She'll be back in a few days.) Since she left the states for about five months, she had her cable and Internet shut off. I tried to "borrow" Internet from her neighbors but it was so touch-and-go. Not fun.

Anyway, I'm back - finally - and have MUCH updating to do. I'm at my parents' house ... for now. I head back to Cincinnati tomorrow after my laundry is done and my errands are ran. Between buying new shower sandals and washing piles of laundry, I have more contests to post. Tomorrow you'll be introduced to the likes of Art Happens and Arriving in Style. I meant to do that while I was home but, of course, left all of my materials at my parents house like the doofus I am.

So, I apologize for the lack of updates during the last several weeks. I hope you can forgive me. Fear not. I'm back.

(P.S. Go UC! Orange Bowl game is tonight. Right now, Virginia Tech leads 10 to 7 in the third quarter ... Here's to hoping we can pull it out!)

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